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How to carry your team as a jungler | League of Legends Guide

Currently the most influential role in League of Legends is jungler: they serve to actively carry their team to a win. Their whole purpose is to help laners get kills, and to ensure that certain objectives are taken. If you don’t have a jungler on your team, then you can’t expect that much help from your teammates during laning, and you certainly won’t get any drakes either.

These are all crucial parts of League of Legends, which means that the job of a jungler is insanely important. When playing right, a jungler can carry their whole team to victory. But how does one do so?

Start the fight with the right composion

If you have read our guide about on counter-picking in League of Legends, then you already know what we are talking about. It’s very important to make sure you are setting yourself up for a victory, and you can do that by banning the right champion and picking something that works.

But in the case of junglers, it gets a little bit more difficult. You need to have something that has a fair amount of mobility, otherwise you won’t be able to get around fast enough. With a mobile champion you can also make sure that you take every chance you get to gank, which will get both you and your laners some gold. But you will also be able to get out of hairy situations much easier. For example, if you have a dash, then you can simply get out of the drake put if you get cornered. These things matter more than you would think at first.

Also, don’t be afraid to pick the easy, overpowered champions. They are still fun and will often raise your odds of winning considerably.

Banning phase

Carry your team emotionally too

Way too many people get into a new match while they are still tilted from the last. They are mad, frustrated and are willing to take it out on anyone who comes their way. This sucks, because they will most definitely feed or make stupid mistakes that will cost you the entire game. It’s alright though, you can help them.

The first thing you need to do is send a message in chat. Something like “Good luck guys” will do. Those who are tilted will message something rude straight back. If they are on your team then you have to make them feel that you are there for them. You’re willing to listen to their pings, and help them out whenever needed. If you’re feeling generous, then you can also try to cheer them up a little.

And what about tilted players on the enemy team? Destroy them without mercy. Hitch your camp right next to their lane and make sure they never have a single second of peace. It will tilt them even more, and they will continue making mistakes.

If you’re lucky though, you won’t have to manage people’s anger. In any case, you can massively improve your chances of winning by helping with your team’s morale. All you need is patience and some empathy.

Besides all of this, you should also try to communicate as much as possible in general. Not enough so to be annoying, of course. Just try to lighten the mood whenever possible, like when one of your teammates gets killed. A simple message like “RIP, we will get them next time” can work wonders. It simply tells people that whatever mistake they made isn’t the end of the world, and that they can still redeem themselves.

Prioritize objectives

You need to farm, that’s for sure. For a jungler, it’s the only source of gold in the first few minutes in a League of Legends match, so you’d usually lay into it heavily; but to actually carry your team, then you need to ditch that after a while. Not completely of course, but it can’t be your priority throughout the whole game.

As soon as you’re capable of fighting, you need to start ganking. This will get you some extra gold and you will start snowballing. The best way to do this is by farming around lanes which seem like a good candidate for a gank. You can determine the outcome of the entire match by helping laners in the early game.

League of Legends rewards teamwork heavily, so make sure that you don’t just get solo kills. Even participation will give you gold.

But whenever you can, you need to focus on the dragons. It will give you and your teammates permanent buffs, which means a huge help to everyone. And of course, getting the Baron should be your main priority.

The Baron Pit

Final thoughts

Carrying an entire team is a really hard thing to do, but we wholeheartedly believe that even beginners are capable of learning how to do it. And since you’re reading up on the matter, you are already on the right track.

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