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How to counter in champion select | League of Legends Guide

If you want to win in League of Legends, you need to counter the enemy. This can happen in game, when you go against their plans and tactics, but it’s more crucial when choosing your champion: that’s when you can really hurt them. With each character you pick and every rune you use you are setting yourself up for either victory or failure. Which one it is depends on how much you know about the game.

So, how can you win the game in champion selection simply by countering?

Don’t be afraid to look things up

Let’s say that you are playing in the mid lane and going up against something pretty unusual in this situation, like Renekton, for example. There is a good chance that you will have no idea what you should pick, as this champion is very uncommon on mid. If this ever happens to you, do not be afraid to Google it. There are a couple of sites, like OP.GG and LoL Counter, which will be able to provide you with the required information.

However, we suggest learning the general facts about champions, so you don’t need to do this before every game. Their skillset, mobility and whether they are AP or AD. You can easily learn this sort of stuff – it just takes a little time. But if you play enough games and pay attention, this information will simply get stuck in your brain.

There are different counters

Mobafire is also a great option, as it offers you complete League of Legends guides along with counters. But if you want to focus on having better synergies with your teammates, then it can also help you with that. Especially so if you want a longer description that tells you why something is hard to play against. In this case, you can even decide if you want to take the risk, as your abilities might allow you to play against your worst counters. We don’t recommend this to beginners though, so be aware of your skills before deciding to do this.

Ban champions you can’t play against

For some weird reason many League of Legends players don’t understand this. It is really so simple. You don’t ban a champion that your preferred character is countered by. That’s stupid. It opens you up to tons of different problems, like getting your own champion banned. Then what are you going to do? Your immediate defense had no effect and now you are left with nothing.

There is a much more logical approach to take to champion select. After having some experience with the game, you will know which champions you personally have a hard time playing against. Maybe it’s because of their skillshots or crowd control spells. Maybe they are just unbalanced right now. It does not matter at all. In the end, it won’t matter what you pick, this one character will counter you constantly. So, to save you from the embarrassment and LP loss, you ban them. After this, you can still save your lane, even if the enemy picks something to counter you.

Banning phase

Read the patch notes

This doesn’t get through some people’s skulls, because they rely on online guides giving them exact data. You must understand that League of Legends changes constantly, usually faster than guides are updated. So you gotta stay on top of the patch notes. They give you information about your potential enemies, and you will know before anyone else if your main suddenly has a new direct counter. Guides take time to write, edit and publish. We can provide you with some pretty killer guides – like the Unbeatable Rakan build – but once again, make sure to double-check for recent updates to ensure the information is accurate.

If you take the time to read a little though, you will be much better off. It will give you general data beyond just information regarding your own lane. If you are a support main, then this works even better. You will know if your ADC’s stats have changed, which is crucial during laning. You need to play into their nerfs or their new strengths. The same goes for the jungler, who will (hopefully) gank your lane once or twice. But if you’re the kind to roam up top and mid, then it’s even better.

All in all, reading the patch notes is very important.

Final thoughts

Countering your enemy will not always win you the game. This is a League of Legends fact™. Counter-picking is planning, after all, and executing a plan takes more than just a good idea. But countering in champion select can certainly help you in the long run, so it’s best to always consider it.

Just don’t rely on it completely, like many people do. Use your skills and knowledge, and let counters act as a safety net for you to fall back on if everything goes to hell.

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