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How to counter Senna | League of Legends Guide

Ever since Senna came out in League of Legends, we have been struggling to figure out how to play against her in the bot lane. Like most new champions, she is way overpowered, and her kit is hard to balance, so Riot hasn’t been able to do much. Or they didn’t care to do so; who knows?

If you have already checked out my guide on Senna, you already know how hard it is to play against her. She can easily make playing against her an absolute pain. So how do you counter her?

Start in champion selection

Without elaborating too much, I’d recommend you start by checking out her counters, picking one that you are familiar with and trying your best… Yeah, no, that would be way too easy, cue the elaboration.

Unfortunately the best League of Legends champions to counter ADC Senna are supports, so you can’t exactly find a champion you can play as an ADC to specifically counter her. Right now Kalista would be your best shot, but she is 12th on the list. She has a 52,5% winrate against Senna, so even that won’t make your match-up that much easier.

However, there is a specific thing you need to look for: gap closers. Champions that can jump to their enemies or perform dashes are essential if you want to be able to kill Senna alone. Kai’sa and Kalista are great examples of this. The only reason why Kai’sa isn’t considered an actual counter, is because only her ultimate can help.

You can also duo with someone who is capable of working together with you and can play Nami, Bard or Leona well – they have good winrates against Senna, and are pretty reliable in this meta. Just make sure that they are up to the challenge, and are willing to go all out against this awful champion.

How to counter Senna in League of Legends

Engage on her HARD

People are so afraid of Senna that they would rather avoid any kind of confrontation than solve the problem. Because of this, they miss the biggest opportunity of shutting her down, which is pounding her into the ground at level 2. Don’t be like those people.

Instead, as soon as you hit level 2, start looking for small openings. If you can land any kind of crowd control ability on her, you are absolutely golden and can go in for the kill. Jhin is great, because he doesn’t necessarily need someone else to land that stun. Same goes for Ashe. But if you want to get the most out of the situation, the support’s help is needed. If they are playing as Thresh or Leona, you have an easy start, as these guys can easily hold Senna down without a problem.

Don’t miss this opportunity, because it’s the earliest one to shut Senna down in League of Legends. There is a good chance that she will snowball even if you don’t give her kills, so not taking advantage of her when she’s more vulnerable means she is more likely to win. Not taking action can be just as bad as getting killed. After this, you will at least be able to say that you tried your best.

Do not trade with her

Her autoattacks are terrifying, and there is no way to win a trade when you are above level 3. Farm as long as you want, but keep your distance. If she pokes you, don’t try to hit back, because she will overpower you and bring you down to a health level where you will risk dying if you don’t go back.

Avoid getting hit at all costs unless you are picking the fight. This goes for literally everything. Farm, support poke, and general positioning. Stay as far away from Senna as you can.

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Get on top of her while she is alone

That sentence sounds all kinds of wrong, but trust me on this one. Senna is very vulnerable if she doesn’t have someone by her side, so if you catch her alone you should go in for the kill.

Best case scenario is that she is under your turret and getting hits on it. That way you can go from behind her through the river, or even take her head on with some crowd control. While the first option is clearly safer, they will both get results: even if Senna escapes, she will have to burn a couple of summoner spells to do it, so the trade will be worth it.

Worst case is that she’s under their own turret. In most cases I would say that you shouldn’t risk it, but if you’re above level 6 and you have absolutely stomped the enemy team so far, you might be able to pull it off. Be warned, though: you shouldn’t even attempt this without a support, and there is still a good chance that you will die in the exchange. Your call.

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