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How to ward efficiently | League of Legends Guide

You might have realized this already, but knowing how to ward in League of Legends is a huge part of the gameplay. Having vision on objectives and enemies is the key to winning. So if you aren’t completely confident in your ward skills yet, we highly suggest reading our guide for everything you need to know about warding.

How to Ward

Determine how you need to ward

Warding in League of Legends, like most other mechanics, is not universal at all. You need to know what stage of the game you are at, and where you are supposed to be. These all play into where you need to have vision. So let’s see what you are supposed to do, and when.

Ward to keep yourself safe

The best example is the laning phase. During this time you stay on your own lane and you farm. Pretty simple. But things get much more complicated if an enemy jungler decides to play around with this perfect setup. In this case, your best bet is to place wards in defensive places.

This mainly means the river. On both sides of the lane, there is a small bush situated right at the edge of the lane, which will provide you with enough vision if you place a ward in them. Keep in mind that this system isn’t failsafe. When it comes to Kayn, this will not be enough. He will just walk through the wall, which you won’t be able to see with any kind of ward.

Similarly, if the enemy jungler is Twitch, then you will need a control ward, because regular trinkets won’t show him while he’s invisible.

How to Ward

Attack the enemy

Offensive warding in League of Legends works differently. Things like the enemy blue and red camps are the best to use it for. Simply place a ward in the bushes right beside them, and wait for the right moment. If it’s still early in the game, you will be able to get to the jungler before they can kill the Sentinel or the Brambleback. They will already have lost some HP fighting the camp, which will give you an advantage.

After you are done with the laning phase, start looking at where each enemy champion likes to go. Does the ADC still want to farm? Does the mid laner take the blue as often as they can? Each of these little habits will give you an opportunity to catch them alone, and to kill them. Just make sure that the coast is also clear, because you don’t want their entire team jumping on you unexpectedly. Use your wards’ vision to keep you safe and create opportunities for plays.

How to Ward

Secure objectives

There are a couple of places where a ward is absolutely necessary at all times. It doesn’t matter which phase of League of Legends you’re on, this is a requirement.

At the start of the game you need to focus on the dragons, but you should still watch out for the Herald, as it can make or break things. But the dragons will give you a permanent buff, so you should try to kill as many of them as possible.

As soon as the Baron spawns it needs to be given priority. It would be best if there was a pink ward in the pit at all times, but you can also go with trinkets.

General tips on how to ward

The first and most important rule you need to learn, is to always have a pink ward on you. Or, at the very least up until the point where you have 6 items. If you get used to this, then you will never have to face-check bushes. Plus, there will be many instances you’d want to have some vision in a spot while your trinket is still cooling down.

Secondly, give the support and jungler some appreciation if they constantly have all of their wards down, and are sweeping the enemy jungle regularly. Not only are they making sure your own teammates don’t walk through enemy vision and getting caught out, but they are also helping you navigate without clashing into the other team. It only takes a second to say “Good job”, and we have already talked about how social interactions can improve your win rate.

And finally, please make sure that your wards are placed in relevant spots. It’s great to have vision everywhere, but when the team is walking through the bot side of the jungle, then they will need the wards there. You will only waste your wards if you place them on the top side, just because the last time you were there it seemed like a good idea. It takes at least 2 minutes for a trinket to charge up, don’t misuse it.

Final thoughts

Take responsibility for providing vision. It’s not only the job of the support and the jungler to put wards down, you can do it too. And trust us, you will be glad that you learned this important skill later on, when you start climbing the ranks.

If you want more tips on League of Legends warding, you can check out Virkayu’s Ultimate Vision Guide.

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