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League of Legends introduces Aphelios, most WTF champ yet

Aphelios is the first champion to require an instructional manual

It is not an exaggeration to say that Aphelios is the most ambitious League of Legends champion Riot have created so far. In 10 years of development, they could explain every new champion or rework with a quick summary and a champ spotlight. But Aphelios is so unlike anything we have seen before, Riot actually had to release a “kit primer.”

For starters, Aphelios uses a unique mechanic: weapons. The champ wields 5 weapons and technically can use up to 8 abilities. Each weapon has its own Q ability, and all abilities have the same general function. However they have a variable effect depending on which weapons are in main or off-hand. Aphelios gets bonus attacks and applies effects based on which secondary weapon he has equipped. He swaps between his main-hand and off-hand weapons with W.

League of Legends Aphelios weapons
To a Starcraft player, all of Aphelios’ weapons look like Protoss spaceships.

His ultimate ability, Moonlight Vigil, remains the same regardless of the weapon configuration. It deals burst damage in a decent AoE. Aphelios follows this up with enhanced auto-attacks from his main weapon against everyone the ultimate hits. Aphelios is also very different from other League of Legends champions in how he acquires his abilities. He learns them automatically, and uses his 18 levelling points on upgrading stats instead.

While designated as an ADC, Aphelios will likely have a good map presence in whichever role he chooses. The difference will come from the matchup and whichever weapons he has queued up and ready to go. This seems like a champ that will take some time settling into the meta. There are just so many new things to learn and try with him. Not to mention that with pre-season currently on, Riot is liable to tweak League of Legends balance frequently. Aphelios will likely bounce around in the meta for a while.

Stick around – we will have more in-depth content on Aphelios soon!

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