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League of Legends players found yet another way to exploit Ryze’s ultimate

If you play League of Legends you may know how broken Ryze’s ultimate can be. And not in a bad way either, I just mean that the portal is insane when used under the right circumstances.

You may also remember the Ryze escape trick. It involved Ryze using Zhonya’s Hourglass during the portal animation in order to get away scot-free. You may also remember how Riot swiftly destroyed that tactic. What you may not remember is how much I cried when they did that, because I had just gotten around to trying to use it at the time. I was the only one to witness the resulting horrible mishap, and I made sure to destroy that footage.

Anyway, someone found a new trick with Ryze’s ultimate, and it involved the Zaun Amorphous Combatant – or Zac, for short. 

Apparently Ryze’s Ult can teleport Zac’s dead body, changing the destination of his blobs and their travel speed. from leagueoflegends

The tactic involves Ryze portal-ing Zac out of the area as soon as he goes into his explosion-animation but before his blobs actually hit the ground. It sends Zac’s body away from where it should’ve been, tricking the blobs into moving back towards the body at a faster rate.

It kind of looks like that time you went to your room after holiday dinner, but your family called you back out to the kitchen for dessert right after you fell into a food coma. Basically they move faster than usual, they’re just lazy and don’t look like they want to. 

This is not the only cool thing you can do with Ryze’s portal. This video by YouTuber Protatomonster showcases other tricks and tactics, if you were looking to up your scroll-game. Mind you, it is from 2018, so your mileage may vary.

THE POWER OF RYZE ULT - 200 IQ Tricks and Exploits

It poses the question, how many other champions can be broken and/or cheesed with Ryze’s ultimate that players just haven’t figured out yet? I know Warwick can follow champions through some complete and utter BULL**IT with his Q. So it’s likely he can follow enemies through Ryze ult.

I’m more concerned about the random combos we haven’t tried yet. Now is a good time to test out what works and what doesn’t. Better get it done before they rework Ryze for the 800th time anyway.

I’m honestly afraid to end up on the wrong side of an experiment one day. I’ll just be farming against a Ryze and suddenly the enemy team and all the jungle creeps are going to appear right at the fountain. It’ll happen, mark my words.

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