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The Lethality Ezreal build | League of Legends Guide

Ezreal has been around for a long while, but we always associate him with AP damage. If anyone said Lethality Ezreal, you would be weirded out, right? JHe just doesn’t seem like the guy who would be murderous or harsh. He’s the lighthearted little cheerleader of League of Legends. But still, a lot of people prefer him.

How could we turn our sweet little Ezreal into a monster?

What items does Lethality Ezreal need?

  • Manamune
  • Berserker’s Greaves
  • Duskblade of Draktharr
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Umbral Glaive
  • Sanguine Blade

Please note, that this build is very strict and you should not modify it. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, making adjustments can end up with something awful and cost you the entire game. The items are in order, so you should build Manamune first and Sanguine Blade last. This will ensure a strong snowball throughout the game. Although, you can try to switch the order up if you see fit, but we don’t recommend it.

The main goal is to have as much lethality by the end of the game as possible. But you will also get 40% CDR, which will enhance your lethality greatly.

Which runes does Lethality Ezreal need?

Lethality Ezreal Build

When should you use it?

First of all, let’s clear something up: this is intended for mid lane. Such a build might not fare well in the bot lane, so only try it out there if you are completely sure about yourself. Otherwise you could be in big trouble, sitting on a pile of deaths by the end of the early game.

So, this build is good for those who want to have fun while climbing the ranks. It needs a pretty aggressive playstyle, but in return will reward you with a lot of kills. But if you want to do this successfully, you need to be confident in your abilities and your decision-making with Ezreal. ThisLeague of Legends build punishes hesitation, and relies on the player’s ability and desire to initiate and kill.

But if you are a regular Ezreal player and want to switch up the regular regime, this will work great for you. It will give you the ability to have a new outlook on a fairly old and worn out champion.

When to switch things up

It will be very clear right in the champion selection if this build will lead to victory or defeat. The first sign will be Ezreal’s counter on mid lane. LeBlanc and Ryze are the best example for this. If you see that either of these will be on the opposing team but the same lane, you need to switch up your tactics. Which might mean that you will need to edit your runes, as you have already picked Ezreal. Don’t worry though, there are thousands of League of Legends guides for Ezreal. Just pick one out and try to do your best. Just remember, that going lethality against a counter will definitely not work.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is the crowd control. Stuns and slows are Ezreal’s bane, as he is very squishy and needs space away from his enemies. If you allow him to get hit by something like Morgana’s Dark Binding, he will likely get killed within a couple of seconds. Leverage the bloodthirst of this build with just enough caution to keep you in the game.

Lethality Ezreal

How to play as Lethality Ezreal

This build is very similar to our Unbeatable Rakan, in the sense that it needs aggression. We have previously mentioned that you need to initiate, but we didn’t highlight the fact that this also involves a lot of roaming. Since you will play on the mid lane, you will have the ability to go to both bot and top. But if your jungler is in trouble somewhere near, it’s on you to take control of the situation and help them. Not only will this result in either a kill or an assist for you, but your teammates will also appreciate the help, which can be beneficial in more ways than one.

Once you reach the end of the laning phase, you will need to stay with your team and act as the backline. You will be way too squishy to stay in the front, so encouraging your tank to initiate fights is the best course of action at this point. Protect your Ezreal at all costs, as you will be the main weapon of your team. If you die and your teammates aren’t as strong, then they will succumb to an early death as well.

Final thoughts

Some League of Legends builds are super fun, some let you enjoy old champions in fresh new ways, and some are highly competitive and you can climb the ranks with them. Leathality Ezreal is all three of these things.

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