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Lillia will save your butt from Yone | League of Legends Guide

Lillia didn’t bring new things to the table when she first came out in League of Legends. This wasn’t a problem at first, because it seemed like Riot were just trying to come up with new and unique stuff to shake things up. Unfortunately, we got used to this treatment and Lillia turned out to be a flop after her initial “uniqueness” wore off.

However, Lillia might just be the key to winning games once Yone comes out, so now is the time to invest time and effort in learning how to use her.

When should you play Lillia?

One thing to know about the build I’m about to show you, it that it heavily relies on AP and it’s made for junglers. Because of this, your character will be insanely squishy. If you can’t keep up, almost any enemy you face will melt you in a couple of seconds. So if you don’t want that, you need to look at the other team’s composition first. If they have a good amount of tanks and assassins, you will have no chance of succeeding as Lillia.

On the other hand, if the enemy team seems to rely on the ADC and other AP carries, then you have a really good chance of winning. Also, if Yone is on the enemy team (once he comes out), you will likely be able to dominate the game. Lillia presents a strong counter to Yone in League of Legends.

What runes does Lillia need?

As you can probably already see, you will intensely rely on kills. If you decide to go with the runes below, you can’t just stand in the background and say “Worst-case scenario I’ll be a secondary support”. You can do that with many champions (like Vel’koz) in League of Legends, but not with Lillia. You need to be aggressive and assertive. Steal kills if you need to.

Illia League of Legends Guide

In the mid game you will also need to pay attention to your sorcery runes, mainly Waterwalking. It enables you to gank much more easily, which is a huge advantage with such a high mobility champion. At this stage, you can get yourself and even your teammates more kills, which will help all of you to victory.

What items does Lillia need?

  • Stalker’s Blade – Runic Echoes
  • Liandry’s Torment

And shoes, of course. Based on the strengths or weaknesses of the enemy team, you can choose from Ninja Tabi, Mercury’s Treads and Sorcerer’s Shoes. You already know the drill.

These three items are your core set, and you should have them by minute 17. After this you can decide which way you want to go – defensive or aggressive – although there is a good chance you can change the course of the entire game by yourself, so it’s probably better if you just build AP.

For a full-on AP build, you will need Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Zhonya’s Hourglass and Rabadon’s Deathcap, in this order. You will want to have a mana boost first, then some extra safety, and finally a huge amount of extra AP.

If the enemy team has too much AP, then you can pick from two items: Spirit Visage or Banshee’s Veil. Do NOT buy Void Staff in this case, it won’t do enough. If they have too much AD, then here’s an interesting pick: Dead Man’s Plate. It’s not usual, but it will work wonders and you will be much safer against ADCs and tanks.

When to switch it up

You will have absolutely no idea before the game begins. You can rely on the list of counters, but it likely won’t do you much good because the statistics aren’t accurate for such a new champion.

Remember when I told you that you can’t hide in the background? Yeah, because of that you can’t really switch to a defensive playstyle in the middle of the match, and you just have to keep putting yourself out there and trying your best.

Lillia League of Legends guide

How to play as Lillia

Let’s just skip over the basics of being a jungler in League of Legends, if you don’t know that already you shouldn’t try to learn it with Lillia since she’s way too difficult for a beginner.

After you have reached level 3, you need to have all of your abilities ready and you need to pay a visit to bot lane. You don’t need to kill the enemy laners, that’s not the point here. This first gank is all about putting pressure on them and making them realize that they always need to pay attention, and that you mean business. You should let them push the lane and attack from one of the bushes with a dash if you can. You should make them burn at least one of their spells.

Next stage is the dragon. Please don’t wait until you can solo it, way too many Lillias do that and they end up losing a huge buff. Instead, ask your bot lane for help as soon as possible (Wonder why I specified that you had to gank bot lane? There’s your answer.)

After all of this, it’s the regular jungler work for you, except for the fact that you need to use the river constantly and because of that, you need to use your wards.

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