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Ahri is one of the best mid laners of League of Legends. She has crowd control abilities and plenty of damage, which makes her a strong pick. However, not many people play her as a carry. Today we will teach you why should try it, with out Max Damage Ahri build!

What items does Max Damage Ahri need?

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Morellonomicon
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Void Staff

Luden’s Echo will help with your farm, although Ahri’s abilities are enough if you use them sparingly. Nevertheless, this first item is required if you want to clear every wave perfectly. And as every mid laner knows, minions are one of the most important factors that play into winning the game.

Also, Sorcerer’s Shoes should be rushed. They will help you roam around the map much faster, which is key if you want to put pressure on every lane. Plus, your teammates will appreciate it. And we all know how important it is to be on good terms with the people on your side.

Which runes does Max Damage Ahri need?

League of Legends Ahri build

As you can see, this build mainly relies on Dark Harvest. If you are familiar with the runes of League of Legends, you already know that Ahri will only be able to really use it in the late game. Because of this, you need to focus on collecting in the early game, so the effect of Dark Harvest becomes more visible. You can’t afford to wait around for souls.

Presence of Mind will increase you mana pool over time, which is great for mages. In the early game you will struggle with your mana, so make sure that you make as much use of this rune as possible. This will require some aggression on your part, though.

When should you use it?

Ahri is perfect both if you want to have fun, and if you want a competitive champion to climb the ranks with. Therefore, you will only need to watch out for her counters. In the current patch of League of Legends, Ahri only has one very dangerous opponent: Yasuo. He is capable of sliding right on top of her, which is absolutely awful for a mage who relies on skillshots. Ahri won’t be able to hit anything because of the close proximity, and she doesn’t have enough mobility to put some distance between herself and an enemy Yasuo.

The same can happen with other melee champions, but most of the time Ahri can overpower them because they usually have a little less mobility than her.

On the other hand, some mages can outfarm Ahri, and overpower her in the long run. Xerath is one, for example. The solution in this case is that you need to stomp the enemy laner as early as possible, before they get ahead of you. All in all, when played well, Ahri is capable of murdering every other mid laner, which is why you should at least try her out.

When to switch it up

The only time you need to ditch Ahri is if there are too many AP champions on your team. The enemy will just build magic resistance, which will shut down every single one of your abilities. If this is the case, you will need to switch to something that relies on AD really fast.

League of Legends Ahri build

How to play as Max Damage Ahri

Since her items are very expensive, you need to make sure that you snowball. Get ahead of the enemy laner as fast as possible, then put pressure on other lanes. If your jungler is willing to come and go with you, things will get much simpler, as both of you will get plenty of gold. League of Legends rewards teamwork, and Ahri absolutely needs it. Make sure you play along with your teammates.

Ahri is perfect if you want to get picks in the jungle. She can move around easily and not get caught if she manages to kill someone. She is one of those champions that can easily use the pink ward bait, so if you are in the mood just wait around for someone to come by, and pounce on them. It’s hilarious watching the enemy get tilted over how they got killed because of a ward.

However, Ahri’s snowball starts slowing down once the late game begins. Because of this, you need to finish the game before the 30 minute mark, otherwise you will lose your power.

Final thoughts

If you want to give mid lane a try, or you just want to find a new and fun champion, Ahri will always be there for you. She’s amazing and more people should try building max damage with her, as she is really easy to play when she reaches her full potential.

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