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Max Damage Katarina | League of Legends Guide

Katarina is one of the most played champions of League of Legends. She’s strong, mobile and is all around really fun to play. But as of recently, she hasn’t been all that popular. We want to change that, so today we have an amazing build for you that can make your experience with Katarina a lot better.

When should you play it?

Katarina is one of those champions that you need to practice before you can succeed with them in League of Legends. Her mechanics are hard to perfect, because you constantly need to be aware of her knife’s position. Make sure that you have the basics down first.

You also need to consider that Katarina is not very fun in the early game. If you don’t snowball and make her into the assassin monster she has the potential to be, then the match will just become a pain. But if you manage to stay on top and get kills, the mid and late game will be all the more rewarding. Therefore, we highly suggest this champion for those who want a little bit of a challenge, but would still like to reap the benefits of their hard work.

What items does Max Damage Katarina need?

  • Mercury’s Treads
  • Hextech Gunblade
  • Death’s Dance
  • Morellonomicon
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap

Your goal should be to rush Mercury’s Treads first, as it will give you a little bit of a boost in the early game. It will be just enough for you to start getting your first kills, which will start your snowball. After that, you should probably go for Zhonya’s, just so you can use it while using your ultimate in the middle of a team fight.

You can mix and match the rest of the items as you like, the end result will be about the same. Once you have your first two items, you will be able to run around and pick off squishy champions with ease. Your main targets should be the enemy mid laner and the ADC, if you are lucky.

Which runes does Max Damage Katarina need?

League of Legends Katarina build

The most important part of your set of runes will be Triumph. As an assassin, you will need to attack the backline and take out at least a single champion without dying. This can get hard, which is why Triumph is a part of your kit. It will restore a little bit of your health and enable you to get away from fights safely.

When to switch it up

League of Legends heavily relies on team composition counters, so if you are the mid laner who has to pick first, then you will likely have a lot of problems with Katarina. It will give the enemy a chance to have a head start and make sure that your early game is as difficult as possible.

The main champions you should watch out for are Zed and Yasuo, as both of them will be able to handle all your mobility. They can easily get right behind you, which is the exact reason playing against them can make your life a living hell. You should read up on Katarina’s other counters as well.

How to play as Max Damage Katarina

You will need to kill as often as possible in the early game. I don’t mean this in a “take every kill that you can” way. Instead, you should aim to pressure the enemy laner as much as humanly possible. Harass and and poke all you want. With Katarina you can’t just wait for an opportunity to present itself, you have to create it. Ask your jungler for help if you can’t secure kills.

League of Legends Katarina build

Once you complete your first item, you will need to start roaming. Bot lane would theoretically be the best choice, but that depends on how fed the enemy ADC is, and how much crowd-control abilities their support has. If you see fit to wander down there occasionally, you need to make sure you pick up a kill each time.

If you start falling behind, you will have to make a change in your build. You won’t be able to go full damage, as you will get way too squishy and that won’t be a good thing if you’re behind. This is especially true if either your top or your bot has been reckless and has fed the enemy. If this ever happens, I suggest you switch to defensive mode immediately, and only go in halfway on damage.

Final thoughts

Katarina is a great choice for both beginners and veterans of League of Legends. There is nobody out there that couldn’t use her. Give her a shot, we guarantee you will have fun – especially with this build.

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