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Mistakes Blitzcrank mains always make | League of Legends Guide

If you have read our previous League of Legends guide about Blitzcrank, you already know a few things about playing him. Today I’ll talk about how not to play him. Since he is such an amazing champion, you need to know the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

Not using Overdrive (enough)

Blitzcrank heavily relies on his movement speed in League of Legends, so try not to miss out on it. It’s your safety net if your Rocket Grab misses, so you can rush ahead and knock the enemy up. Quite honestly, it’s a better method, as you can’t exactly miss with your Power Fist.

Also, it’s a great way to get away. Don’t let the last few seconds of slow movement speed discourage you. If there is only a short distance between you and the turret or your team, it can help you get away. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to use it, simply because they underestimate the distance this ability can carry them through. You can run pretty far – if you don’t trust it enough yet, try it once or twice in practice mode.

Blitzcrank mistakes in League of Legends

Trying to be a full on support throughout the game

I’m going to be honest for a second here. Blitzcrank isn’t a supportive character in the mid to lane game. If you build his items right, he can easily become a killing machine. You would only waste his potential by playing support for the whole game. Instead, initiate fights even if you are alone. This champion has the ability to get rid of carries if you are ahead. So you can afford to be a little selfish and grab some glory kills.

Don’t go overboard either – that would be a whole different mistake. You might be able to handle a one-on-one, but if you come across the entire enemy team you will be in huge trouble. What you should probably do is stay with your carry as often as possible, but still act independently to secure kills.

Not pressuring enough in the early game

Blitzcrank has a huge pressure potential at the start of each match. He can just hide in a bush and make people stay clear of the area because they are so afraid of being pulled. This allows your carry to farm without interruption and to gain a ton of gold. Meanwhile, the enemy ADC won’t stand a chance.

You can scare them away by simply walking up, especially if they don’t have much crowd control. Although, you should probably steer clear of Lux, Morgana and Thresh. They can really mess you up if they can hold you down for a second. You could also check out Blitzcrank’s counters, that way you know what you need to watch out for.

Or you could potentially get a ton of kills early on just because the enemy laners are reckless and don’t care about being pulled. That’s even better because then you can start roaming really early. Speaking of which, we have the next item on the list.

Not roaming

One thing that I always find infuriating about Blitzcrank players, is when they don’t roam to mid or top. We are talking about a champion with one of the highest movements speeds. Your main goal is to pressure every single lane, not just bot. You are missing out on both participation and a ton of gold by staying on one lane. Not mentioning the fact that your other teammates could likely use your help.

Once your support item is completed, you should go to mid lane. Warn your carry in advance and make your move before the enemy bot lane notices, that way you can surprise the entire enemy team. Take a control ward too, so you can clear enemy wards on the way.

Blitzcrank mistakes in League of Legends

Using your ultimate sparingly

Blitzcrank has one of the lowest ultimate cool down times in League of Legends, and that is for a very good reason. It’s a simple damage burst, which can be pretty overpowered, but generally speaking it doesn’t really do much. And since it’s an ultimate, people try to save it for more important fights where the extra damage matters.

However, this is the worst mentality to take up while playing as this champion. You can spam any of your abilities, especially your ultimate. Since you don’t have as much damage by default, this is the most impact you can have on a fight, so by not using it you are participating less. If you are in a teamfight, simply use it whenever the most people are around you. Don’t over-complicate it by using it sparingly.

As a final note, I should mention that while this article discusses the common mistakes most new players make, you should remember to also watch out for your own unique mistakes. Not everything is universal, and you might have a problem that is keeping you from reaching higher ranks that is not on this list.

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