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Nightblue’s Ridiculous Damage Kindred build | League of Legends Guide

Reach challenger with Nightblue's aggressive Kindred build

If you have seen Nightblue3’s League of Legends videos, then you already know what is about to come. If you haven’t, then let us prepare you a little bit. You are about to read tips on how to use a currently viable champion in a way that makes it absolutely broken with a ton of damage. The original video about it won’t give you enough information unfortunately, but we are here to help, as this particular Kindred build is quite difficult to play.

So, here is how to reach challenger with one of the most aggressive builds in League of Legends right now.

What items are in this build?

  • Enchantment: Warrior
  • Infinity Edge
  • Stormrazor
  • Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Last Whisper

Besides these, you will also need to have a control ward with you at the start of the game, obviously. Plus, you will need some boots. We can’t tell you which ones you should use, because it will solely depend on the circumstances.

Which runes should you use?

When should you use it?

If you are a beginner at League of Legends or don’t have a clue how to adapt, then follow our lead. This build will not work if not used at the right time, which is why you shouldn’t pick it constantly. Just because a YouTuber can play with it very well, it doesn’t mean that the build is necessarily all that good. There is a good chance that they just got lucky…

If you don’t really feel confident with Kindred, then you should watch out for everything on the opposite team. Did they pick a counter? Or something with a lot of mobility? It’s time to ditch this build and move on to something more familiar. Don’t risk losing a ton of LP just because you are too stubborn and want to make this work.

Instead, make sure that your team has enough AD. If your teammates mainly use AP, then choosing Kindred with this build is the perfect move. Especially if both your top and mid decide that they want to go AP, for whatever reason. Because of this, the enemy will build magic resistance instead of armor, and your attacks will be even more effective.

When to switch it up

Every single player has experienced that awful feeling when you plan the perfect game, only for it to all crumble down right before your eyes. If you watch pro League of Legends players regularly, then it’s likely that you have had to experience this feeling more than others, as you wanted to try out their builds. Let us help you avoid that in the future.

Let’s say that the game has just started. Your laners die every once in a while, and you can’t seem to be able to execute enough ganks. This is alright to some extent. But if you are not ahead after 10 minutes, then you are going to be in trouble. This Kindred build needs a ton of gold, so you need to play like an opportunist. If you don’t play aggressively, then you will need to change your build to something more supportive that plays around your W and E. It won’t be as fun as this all-in tactic, but your goal is to win the game after all.


Now that we have established the fact that this build is insanely expensive, let’s move on to more important matters. Like the fact that you need to be an opportunist for something else as well: your marks. Without them, you can’t get much stronger, and your items won’t scale as well. Watch out for the enemy jungle and take as much of it as possible, especially if they are marked. Make sure that your ganks are also organized around these marks as well.

Oh, and get one thing through your head really quickly: farming with this build all game is a no go.

Shadowfire Kindred build


Dance of Arrows is absolutely amazing for both chasing the enemy and getting away from them. But for this Kindred build, you need to know where you need to be when you press it. You can practice this on your own, against bots or in normals, but we don’t recommend going straight into ranked games if you can’t handle this part of her kit well.

Your Q also enables you to steal the Herald, the Baron or the dragons without flashing. This means that if it all goes badly, then you can still just flash out before dying, saving you and your teammates a lot of headaches.

Final thoughts

This Kindred build is absolutely amazing right now. But it’s not for everyone, so don’t try to force it. If you plan on copying Nightblue and his moves and his tactics, then you will quickly end up in Iron. His playstyle is (most likely) nothing like yours. It’s probably the main reason why he is in Diamond right now, not stopping until he gets to Challenger, while most players who copy him are struggling in lower ranks.

Try it out, play with it and experiment. It’s the best way to learn what works for you, and to gain some LP right now.

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