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Riot teases big plans for League of Legends’ 10th season

No more memes about Riot Games' singular game guys.

Riot has just dropped a teaser for Season 10 – or Season 2020 of League of Legends. Players will receive updates throughout the week on the state of the game, as well as what the developers have planned for us.

Keep an eye out for news on new and returning skin lines, game modes and more. A notable release this season will be the return of Clash, the long awaited game-mode with a checkered history. The updates aren’t limited to League itself though.

The devs will also be sharing sneak peaks of the next set in Teamfight Tactics for both PC and Mobile. Fans of digital card games, stay tuned for updates on the Legends of Runeterra Beta. Riot will also be venturing back into the tabletop game market. Their previous foray into the market was the intriguing but complicated Mechs vs Minions.

Screenshot pulled from 2020 Teaser
Screenshot of the Volibear redesign. Looks like the Freljordian fighter isn’t pulling any punches.

Change is… good?

2019 Preseason was honestly wild. The introduction of dragon elements influencing the map, and dragon soul, brought a new level of focus to bot-side jungle. Mountain and Ocean soul were OP on their first arrival, and surprise surprise, bot lane gets camped by junglers now. Aphelios was released during preseason, meaning on top of being strong on release, there were a bevy of items for him to try and ways to play him. Senna and Sett face the same type of thing as well, due to pre-season proximity and the changes going on. Senna can go Mid, ADC or Support and is strong in any case. Sett, who is waiting to make his grand entrance, will likely have the same sort of flexbility.

Riot seems to be hard at work, hitting us with both quality and quantity. And by sprinkling in what looks like a teaser to one of their upcoming single-player endeavors, it’ll be interesting what else is coming our way. Either way, with so many changes happening in the Rift, “Season 2020” is shaping up to be a fun – or aggravating – time.

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