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Teamfight Tactics Shadow Items explained

The upcoming Reckoning set in Teamfight Tactics introduces many new gameplay elements. One of these new gameplay elements is Shadow Items.  The very title of this set of items sounds mysterious and ominous.  Worry not, though, as we’re here to shine a light on what they are, how to get them, and most importantly, what they can do to help you win.

What are Shadow Items?

Shadow Items come about as a result of the Black Mist, a corrupting influence from the Shadow Isles of vanilla League of Legends. The foreboding name hints as to what these items are: they’re items that can offer great power, at a price.

In basic game terms, Shadow Items are more powerful versions of their standard counterparts in Teamfight Tactics. However, they also impose unique debuffs, balancing out their power. They work just like standard items, having the same components; however, using a Shadow component with a standard component item will always give you the Shadow version of the complete item. Using two Shadow component items will not yield a standard, non-Shadow item, however.

How do you get Shadow Items?

There are two ways to get Shadow Items in Teamfight Tactics.  The most straightforward way is through the Carousel.  They’ll start appearing after the first Carousel, so you won’t need to worry about deciding what to do with one too early. However, this dovetails into a new feature Riot is introducing to Teamfight Tactics, starting with Reckoning: the Armory.

According to Riot’s  overview of the Reckoning set, the Armory  is “a pop-up shop where you choose from a selection of item components, similar to how you buy champions.” Shadow Items will indeed be acquirable via this new feature. This allows a greater degree of control over when you want to use Shadow Items than having them always tied to the champions you pick in the Carousel. However, getting the exact Shadow Item you want in the Armory might still require some prayer to RNGesus.

What do Shadow Items do?

As mentioned before, the Shadow versions of Teamfight Tactics‘  items are more powerful than their standard, pure counterparts, except they come with a drawback. Some examples:

  • Zeke’s Evil Herald grants attack speed  to champions in its area of effect, like the old Zeke’s Herald. But the Shadow version saps the attack speed of everyone else on your team.
  • Rabadon’s Cursed Deathcap provides even more power to the wearer, but reduces their max health.
  • Guinsoo’s Evil Rageblade gives more of an attack speed buff than the standard Rageblade, but every attack now damages its user a certain percentage of their max health.

Already we can see some strategic possibilities. The Shadow version of the Deathcap can make a backline hyper carry even more dangerous, effectively making them a glass cannon. Ditto for the Evil Rageblade, although that will probably see use on different champions than the Cursed Deathcap.

Of course, these are just examples, and not even these examples are set in stone. Reckoning is in its testing phase right now, so the exact details of everything are always subject to change. That said, what are your thoughts on how Shadow Items should work in Teamfight Tactics? Let us know in the comments below!

And stay tuned to SQUAD for more Teamfight Tactics coverage!

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