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The Blitzcrank to get you out of Iron | League of Legends Guide

Since Blitzcrank is a support, he isn’t all that popular in lower ranks in League of Legends. But he is actually one of the champions that can help you climb the ELO ladder the easiest. Therefore, if you don’t want to be a hardstuck in Iron IV, I highly suggest taking one for the team and learning how to play as a support Blitzcrank.

When should you play it?

Like I said, Blitzcrank is absolutely amazing if you want to play ranked League of Legends games. He is easy to learn, although the mechanics of his Rocket Grab require some studying in order to hook people consistently. The only catch is that Blitzcrank takes confidence. He’s very much a “walk up and initiate” type of champion, and if you can’t adapt to that mentality you need to choose something different. Rakan is another support who might just be your thing.

Blitzcrank is also a great champion to have some fun with in normal games. If you build him right, he will end up as a supporting character that also has the potential to 1v5. And believe me when I say that there is nothing more satisfying than murdering the enemy ADC as a support. Their rage in the global chat makes it even better.

What items does Blitzcrank need?

  • Mobility Boots
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Redemption
  • Knight’s Vow
  • Pauldrons of White Rock

Blitzcrank’s build is pretty set, so you won’t need to adapt to the situation of the game. This is especially good if you still don’t know when to get certain situational items, because you won’t build random unnecessary stuff.

That said, if you are already confident in your skills then you can try adapting. The best items to do this with are Iceborn Gauntlet and Righteous Glory. Or, if you really want to have fun, I highly suggest building an AP item last. My favorite one is Lich Bane, as it helps with pushing and gives you a little bit of burst which many enemies don’t see coming.

Which runes does Blitzcrank need?

League of Legends Blitzcrank Build

Aftershock is crucial if you want to win. When you pull someone in and knock them up, it will give you a little extra damage which can mean the difference between a kill and a runaway champion. Just make sure that enemies stay within range until it triggers.

The second important detail is Demolish. If you go under a turret, it will count down from 6 and when it reaches zero, some extra damage will be dealt to the turret. In the early game this doesn’t mean much, as it around 150 HP, but later it can take a huge chunk – up to 40%. This enables you to push really hard, so you can even go split pushing if you like. This is especially doable because you will be able to run away, since your movement speed will beat everyone else’s.

When to switch it up

The worst champion you can go up against is Morgana. League of Legends has allowed her to be the bully of Blitzcrank. She has a shield that will block your Rocket Grab from hooking people in, therefore completely ruining your kit. But that’s not all, because you won’t even be able to walk up and knock her up, because this shield will block that as well. In the late game this gets even worse, as you won’t even be able to take picks.

Sivir is the exact same way. She also has a spell shield, but thankfully she can only place it on herself. The downside to this is that you will actually be giving her mana each time you try to pull her in and she shields herself. It gets annoying really quick.

I highly advise not going up against these two, but make sure to keep an eye out for other counters too.

League of Legends Blitzcrank guide

How to play as Blitzcrank

In the early game you need to pull in the enemy ADC as often as possible. The support will do too. The best case scenario is grabbing someone and knocking them up while standing under your own turret. If you do it right, the damage will often be enough to secure a kill or at the very least take huge chunks of their health.

In the mid game you need to pull away from your team a little. Don’t go down mid ARAM style, because that way you won’t be able to take any picks. Instead, stay in the jungle, but close to the lane. Your teammates will provide you with vision and you can easily grab someone over a wall that way. Just make sure everyone knows what you are doing, because if you decide to pull the enemy top laner, it’s very likely that you will be obliterated. Have at least one person on call.

You can also split push when your team is scattered around the map. You will be tanky enough to withstand some damage, but your movement speed can also get you out of trouble even if you get caught.

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