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The Cybernetic comp to end them all | Teamfight Tactics Guide

In Set Three of Teamfight Tactics, there are a ton of exciting compositions to run, but the Cybernetic one is very unique. The core Cybernetic champions synergize well with each other, and have strong pairings with other traits too. In addition, it’s a great scaling composition that can make the one HP comeback dream a reality, or gain a lead early and snowball effectively.

What makes Cybernetics unique to other Teamfight Tactics compositions is that the composition relies on items, because to gain the HP and AD from it, each champion must hold at least a component item. So, while every composition needs certain items to thrive, this one needs items to simply operate. This may seem like a disadvantage at first, but is worth the tradeoff in terms of pure stats and enjoyment for those who are fond of the strategy behind it.

Cybernetic champions

To begin, there are six Cybernetic champions in Teamfight Tactics. These are Leona, Fiora, Lucian, Vi, Irelia and Ekko. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, but together, they operate as a stable composition with a lot of tankiness and firepower.

Though they’re almost all melee, they all do a job well. Leona, Vi and Fiora can act as a frontline and provide utility to buy time for the main carries. With items, Lucian, Irelia and Ekko are all forces to be reckoned with, utilizing their mobility to output high damage. The primary carry will change throughout the game, but that will be discussed more later on.


Unlike some other compositions, the Cybernetic team composition requires full completion of the trait. This means you need all six members, which can be difficult considering Ekko is a five-cost unit.

As a result, the player’s priority should be on reaching level eight. You don’t want to reroll your shop too much, nor do you want to go for tier three units unless you’re very confident in your positioning.

Teamfight Tactics Cybernetic

Even if you’re losing health early on, you shouldn’t worry too much. That’s because if you can get your Ekko, any comeback is possible. So be sure to keep your economy up while you advance through the game.

It isn’t all doom and gloom in the early game though, as with some good ol’ RNG, you can gain a lead in the first few rounds. This mostly relies on getting a fast tier-two Lucian and Recurve bows, but is entirely possible.

It should be noted that, since you’ll probably only have three Cybernetics early on, you should fill your board with complementary-trait characters. Things like Blaster, Blademaster and Vanguard can be decent fillers as you navigate the first seven player levels. Chrono can also be another option, with units like Shen and Ezreal fitting in well with Fiora/Irelia and Lucian.

Who are the carries?

There are two main carries in the Cybernetic comp. Throughout most of the game, it will likely be Lucian. With proper protection and attack speed items, he is a powerful early/mid-game champion. If he has a Graves or Ezreal on board with him, he gains the Blaster bonus, which can pair up well with Statikk Shiv to put out strong single target and AOE damage. He’ll be crucial for carrying your team for a while.

After you finally reach level eight, Ekko is the one to stack. Throughout the game, if you receive any AP items, save them for him. His ultimate absolutely smacks entire teams, and he has incredible carry potential. Also, hold on to any Neeko’s Helps you get too, as getting tier two Ekko is a game-changer. Things like Rabadon’s Deathcap and Morellonomic are fantastic, with Guardian Angel being a nice insurance too.

These are typically the two you want to hold all of the items, though if you’re lucky to find an Irelia earlier than normal, she can do a ton of damage too. This is a greedier option, as you’ll probably find her later on, so it’s not as reliable as Lucian, who you’ll find much earlier.

It should be noted that you have to be careful with your itemization with this composition. Because every Cybernetic champion needs at least a component item to gain the health and attack damage, you need to plan ahead and properly equip or save certain items.

Teamfight Tactics Cybernetic

Good trait pairings

Cybernetics actually pair well with some other Teamfight Tactics traits. The main three that will bolster this composition are Blademaster, Blaster, Valkyrie and Infiltrator.

Despite four traits being listed, there are limited champions that will fit these criteria the best. The most optimal are Kayle and Miss Fortune. Kayle will grant your team the Blademaster buff, while MF will grant the Blaster buff. If you’re level nine and have both (which can be difficult considering their cost), you get the Valkyrie buff to boot. These two characters are powerful even without the main Cybernetic buff or items, meaning they are priority picks after you have your core settled.

Meanwhile, as Ekko is the primary late-game carry, Infiltrator is another fantastic trait to add. The champion choice doesn’t really matter much, as the bonus is specifically to give Ekko more attack speed to gain mana quicker, so you can feel free to throw in a tier-one Kha’Zix if you want.

Overall, the Cybernetic Teamfight Tactics composition is an exciting one with a decent amount of strategy to it. It requires a bit of finesse at first, but with time its a great one to be familiar with when you climb the ranks!

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