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The God CDR Sett | League of Legends Guide

Before we head straight into our League of Legends guide for CDR Sett, we want to give you a little heads up. Mastering this champion can take a while, so don’t blame the build itself if you don’t succeed. It has been tried out many times, so we know what we are talking about. If it’s not working miracles for you yet, it means that you just need a little more practice.

What items does CDR Sett need?

  • Tiamat
  • Mercury’s Treads
  • Trinity Force
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Death’s Dance
  • Spirit Visage

Once again, this build is set and shouldn’t be meddled with, similarly to our Burst Sylas build. Messing with it is not a good idea. The purpose of it is to reach 40% CDR, in order to be able to attack as fast as possible with your spells.

Which runes does CDR Sett need?

CDR Sett build

Note, that you will have Triumph. This is one of the key parts of this build, as it allows you to go into fights more confidently. If you manage to get a kill and get out alive, then you will still be able to go back in a short while. Thus, you can play Sett as a proper assassin. Going in for the backline and hunting enemy players down.

When should you use it?

First of all, this League of Legends build is intended for the top lane. You are much less prone to ganks there, and Sett generally works better against tanks, which aren’t as common on mid and bot. You can try it on other lanes, of course, but it will be much easier on top.

This is best if you go up against a melee champion. Sett isn’t able to do many ranged attacks in a row in the early game, so if your enemy turns out to be a Vayne, for example, then you are screwed. Top lane is much easier for ranged champions either way, but when you play as Sett this goes double.

Because of how fresh Sett is to League of Legends, you also need to be confident in your skills with him to run this build. If you have only now begun the play him, bringing him to ranked is an awful idea. He has difficult mechanics, so you either need to be skilled at the entire game, or you need to main him for a while. Either way, we recommend the latter, because general knowledge can only take you so far.

When to switch it up

Once again, in League of Legends the top lane is intended for melee. If you face a ranged champion then you shouldn’t even pick Sett, because it will likely set you up for failure or – at the very least – abuse, throughout the entire early game. Your enemy will not allow you to farm, and if you try to then you will be relentlessly attacked for each last hit you take. Obviously you do not want any of that.

Another thing you should watch out for, is your enemy laner getting too strong. If you see them building full AP or AD, then you absolutely cannot run this build. You will be eliminated rather easily, ending up feeding kills rather than securing them. You can easily lose a game just by not watching your opponent’s items. If they get too out of hand, switch your Sett to defensive mode. Start building MR or armor.

How to play as CDR Sett

There is a good chance that you will need other people’s help at first. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or tell your jungler. In the long run, it will matter a lot whether you had 0 or 3 kills in the laning phase. It’s the time to start your snowball, so don’t waste it because you want to keep your pride so badly.

It would naturally be best if you took someone with you to duo. That way you could communicate better and, they would be able to help you whenever you needed it.

Mecha Kingdoms Sett

Like with many other League of Legends champions, you also need to be aggressive. But this time it’s different, because if you can’t win the game soon enough, then you will start falling off the edge. Sett’s peak happens in the mid game, so if reach that point and you haven’t gotten much done, then you will likely lose. Or at the very least, things will get much harder.

Final thoughts

Sett is an amazing champion and everyone should at least try him out. He has unique mechanics which make for an all-around fun gameplay. Although this build might not be as strong in a couple of weeks when he becomes more balanced, at the moment it’s well worth using. So go ahead and try it out!

And if you want more information on the build, then we highly suggest Eternal Hero’s guide for it.

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