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The Monstrous Illaoi Build | League of Legends Guide

Illaoi is one of the best top laners in League of Legends. She has a really high win rate and people find it easy to get ahead with her. Her spells are easy to get value out of, and even if are a LoL beginner you should be able to dominate games with her if you follow the right build.

When should you use it?

If your goal is to climb ranks in League of Legends, you won’t be disappointed. Illaoi was made for exactly that. If you have the ability to get ahead in the early game, you will have a monster of a champion by the late game. That said, the same advice goes for her as with Soraka and many other champions: practice her in casual games first. Her abilities can get pretty complex.

When you do feel comfortable with Illaoi, you will find this build very easy to win with. Make sure to enable global chat and enjoy your opponents’ rage.

What items does Monstrous Illaoi need?

  • Black Cleaver
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Death’s Dance

These are the core Illaoi items in regular League of Legends games. You should get them first every single time. It doesn’t matter if you’re behind or ahead, if you managed to snowball or not. If you don’t have these items, you will fall off the edge by the mid game.

Besides this, you will need to get situational items. These can be almost anything, because once you have the core items, nothing will be able to stop you. But some specific extras can make things even more fun.

Trinity Force is an amazing item for Illaoi. But there are some cases where you shouldn’t buy it, which is why it only made it to the “situational” category. It helps if you want to deal even more damage or if your team doesn’t have any other tanks besides you. Thornmail can also be pretty good, but you should only use it against champions like Soraka, Warwick or Mr. Mundo. Spirit Visage might also be a fair choice.

As for boots, you only need to choose between Ninja Tabi and Mercury’s Treads.

Which runes does Monstrous Illaoi need?

League of Legends Illaoi build

Conqueror is the best rune for Illaoi. It increases her AD, which makes her stronger, but at 10 stacks it also increases her healing. And with her tentacles it’s really easy to rack up those stacks. But you need to pay attention to this rune when you are low on health, as it can help you come back from sticky situations.

My other favorite rune is Ravenous Hunter. It doesn’t do much during the laning phase, but once you get out of there, get a Death’s Dance and Spirit Visage and you will be impossible to kill. All of these things will give you a ton of self healing, so your ultimate will be able to bring you up from 5% HP to 100%. This looks insane in game.

When to switch it up

As usual, watch out for the counters. Although, most of the time they will just make things a little harder for you and not make the game completely impossible. Because of this, you can bring Illaoi into a League of Legends match even if you’re going up against one of her counters. Just make sure that you have enough knowledge about her mechanics, as you will need it.

However, Illaoi  does have one weird counter to keep in mind: Lulu. Supports are getting nerfed on the top lane, so this won’t be a problem for too long. But as of right now, you have a pretty good chance of encountering one. And unfortunately, Lulu easily overpowers Illaoi in the first 10 minutes of the game. If you can’t kill her and farm regularly, you will be in trouble later on.

League of Legends Illaoi guide

How to play as Monstrous Illaoi

The first few levels will be awful. You will have to let yourself get pushed back, so you have a safety net. Try to farm as much as possible, but until level 3 it will be frustrating. Just concentrate on the fact that your mid and late game will be much better.

Once you have all your spells, you need to start poking. Land a couple Test of Spirits and your enemy will be down to half their health. At this point they will be too afraid to walk up to you, and you can use this to either get a kill or a lot of farm. Whichever path you choose is up to you, but you need kills for your runes to work best.

And as soon as you get your ultimate, it’s time to roll. It won’t matter if the enemy jungler comes around or if it’s just the other top laner. Use your ultimate as many times as you can and start getting those kills. They won’t expect the healing you get, and the damage you deal.

Illaoi is also amazing as a split pusher in League of Legends, so in the mid game try not to roam with your team. Bring a Teleport just in case, but work on your own most of the time. Put some pressure on objectives and your kills will come running to you.

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