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The Murderous Diana | League of Legends Guide

The mid laners of League of Legends are mostly the same, but Diana stands out quite bit if you think about it. She is capable of hunting several people down, and her spells are much more fun than what many other champions wield.

Lately Diana hasn’t been getting enough love, so we thought we’d to show you just what she is capable of. This build is reasonably competitive, but most of all it’s fun to play.

When should you use the Murderous Diana?

Firstly, this build is for fun. You won’t be able to climb the ranks with it, because Diana is just not that great at the current League of Legends meta. She’s decent, but nothing spectacular. This is why you should only bring her to normal matches, otherwise you will go against the currently OP champions, which will result in lots of lost LP.

However, messing around with this murderous build is absolutely amazing. Since Diana can pounce on enemy champions with impunity with it, it’s a great build to use to learn her mechanics. You can learn when you should take opportunities, and how you could make your attacks more effective. In short: this build is a great learning tool while still being really fun.

League of Legends Diana build

What items does Murderous Diana need?

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes
  • Nashor’s Tooth
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Morellonomicon
  • Void Staff

Once again we will aim to reach max AP and 40% CDR. Because of this, you can’t alter the build if you want to get its full effect.

We highly advise getting Luden’s Echo first, because like most League of Legends mages, Diana has a problem with farming. Her autoattacks are on the weak side, and her spells cost too much mana to farm with. But Luden’s Echo is right there to help with both of these problems. It can help you regain some mana, and the extra damage you will put out will make farming much easier.

Also, watch out for your enemies’ builds. If everyone starts building magic resist, you will need to step up and get a Void Staff. You can let your snowball slow down.

Which runes does Murderous Diana need?

Your main goal will be to exploit your Dark Harvest as much as possible. The advantages it gives you are permanent, which is why you need to snowball from them. Keep damaging low health enemies as often as you can, even if you can’t secure a kill. Those stacks will add up really quickly, and you will see the difference as soon as the mid game starts.

Also, Presence of Mind is very important. It will be the key to expanding your mana pool, which is crucial for every single mage out there.

League of Legends Diana build

When to switch it up

Diana has some pretty awful counters in League of Legends. Thankfully, not many of these champions are commonly used in the current meta. Still, there are Cho’Gaths out there every now and then, so you should watch out for them. It’s not the end of the world if you get on the mid lane with one, but it can certainly make the game harder. Just remember to dodge Rupture: it’s Cho’s only crowd control spell, which is why he’s vulnerable when it’s down. Take advantage of that.

Besides that, ranged mages might pose a threat to you. We will explain how to deal with them in the next part, as it’s one of the hardest parts of playing Diana in League of Legends.

How to play as Murderous Diana

Since you will be bringing her to mid lane, you will need to be aware of your surroundings. As soon as the enemy jungler notices that you are getting ahead, they will be out to get you. Because of this, you need to ward well and keep an eye on your minimap.

Besides this, you need to start playing aggressive right from the beginning. Use your Crescent Strike to poke the enemy. It will wear them down pretty quickly because most people can’t easily dodge it. It will also be your favorite spell if you go up against a ranged mid-laner. But you will also need to make sure to follow up aggression with aggression, because this one attack won’t be enough to discourage enemies from poking you back.

Some match-ups are going to be annoying, which is why you need to get ahead and intimidate opponents into staying away. Farm well, get kills and start the snowball. If you need to call your jungler over, then do so. Diana often needs help, so don’t be afraid to ask for some, as League of Legends is built on teamwork.

Once you’re in the mid to late game, you need to start looking for backline kills. The ADC. The support. The mid laner. These three will be your main targets. The exception is the enemy team has an over-zealous dedicated healer. Then make sure that you focus her, before pouncing on the rest of her helpless teammates.

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