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The next League of Legends champ is Sett, the beast of the Pit

Sett is a self-made kingpin boxer with a kit revolving around his pugilistic skills

League of Legends is getting a new top laner in the form of Sett: the Pit Boss. He is a half-human half-Vastayan, or “Half-Beast”. Sett used his determination and brawn to rise through the ranks of the Noxian underworld and become The Pit Boss. His passive is Pit Grit – Sett alternates between left and right hook, battering enemy champions with punches. The left hook is a normal basic attack, but the right is quicker and hits harder. It also deals bonus damage for good measure.

Sett’s Q is Knuckle Down. It imbues Sett with bonus damage for his next two punches, and grants him 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds. This helps him close the gap between himself and a fleeing enemy, or catch them out before they even have a chance to run. His W, Haymaker, allows Sett to store 100% of damage he takes as Grit, up to a cap of 300. Grit decays 4 seconds after damage is taken. When Sett activates Haymaker, he winds up and releases a deadly punch. His hits every enemy in a line, dealing scaling true damage, also granting the Beast of the Pit a shield.

His E is called Facebreaker, and is as painful as it sounds for any champion unlucky enough to experience it. Similar to Zac’s Q, Sett grabs enemies in either side of him and slams them into each other, dealing physical (and maybe some emotional) damage. Facebreaker also slows the affected champions by half of the their movement speed. If Sett grabs multiple enemy champions however, they are stunned instead.

Finally, Sett’s ultimate, The Show Stopper, grabs an enemy champion and carries them forward before slamming them down. This damages and slows enemies in an AOE around the impact zone. This is also reminiscent of Zac and his ultimate.
The Pit Boss is set to release on January 14th and is currently available for testing on the PBE. We are interested to see how Sett matches up against some of League of Legends’ more established top laners, and how quickly he can take them down.

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