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The Shyvana to set you on fire | League of Legends Guide

So, you want to give the old Shyvana a try in League of Legends? Most players would call you an idiot, but I know that you hit gold with this one. Don’t believe the lies about her being too difficult and not worth the effort. Those people haven’t got a taste of what this dragon lady has got and don’t know how amazing she is.

Let me give you a quick guide on how to harness all of Shyvana’s fiery rage in League of Legends.

When should you use this build?

Any time you want to make the entire enemy team mad and tilt them to hell. I know, kind of a toxic approach, but it’s honestly one of the best parts of the whole game. The thing is: this build is enjoyable whether you are playing it for fun or for LP. Although, I recommend getting into ranked games, because then you will be able to actually gain something other than the gratification of destroying people’s hope.

On a more serious note, Shyvana is the best choice if the enemy team wants to bring the match into late game. Champions like Vayne, Kassadin and Veigar want the match to last as long as possible, because that’s when they peak. If you bring the dragon, they won’t last long enough. Or you could also try Kindred.

What items does Shyvana need?

  • Stalker’s Blade – Bloodrazor
  • Dead Man’s Plate
  • Trinity Force
  • Warmog’s Armor

You can choose between two boots. Ninja Tabi is great against teams which have a lot of AD, and Mercury’s Treads counters heavy crowd control and AP. You should complete one right after you buy Hunter’s Talisman, so by your second back. If it takes three backs, you are a little behind.

Normally, you should build Sterak’s Gage or Titanic Hydra after this, because you will need all the health and damage you can get. But not all games will let you buy items like normal, so prepare for every scenario. Against really heavy crowd control, you need to buy Mercurial Scimitar, otherwise you will simply be beaten into the ground because of a stun. Or you can also get Spirit Visage, especially if you have an Ambulance Soraka on your side, or any other heavy healer.

And of course, your final step should be replacing your jungler item. Buy any of the aforementioned items as intended.

Which runes does Shyvana need?

League of Legends Shyvana guide

Triumph is one of the most crucial runes you have. It enables you to survive even longer in fights – given that you participate enough. If someone gets killed and you were the person who took their life, or you simply assisted, you will get back some of your health. This can mean the difference between winning a team fight or losing it horribly.

Another rune you shouldn’t forget is Waterwalking. It’s a necessity for every single jungler out there, considering the fact that it makes you faster in the river. If you want to be the good kind of jungler, you should gank from there as much as you can, so the extra speed is a huge bonus.

When to switch it up

I have already talked about how to handle situations in League of Legends which aren’t so advantageous for Shyvana. But more specifically, you should watch out for her counters. Right now Nunu and Willump aren’t really part of the meta, they are hanging out in tier D, so you don’t have to worry about them. The second worst champion you can play against is Warwick, who is more tricky. He has a lot of crowd control, which is deadly against Shyvana. If you want to survive, rush Mercury’s Treads.

League of Legends Shyvana guide

How to play as Shyvana

The fact that she’s a dragon should tell you all you need to know. Rush the drakes. Farm up, communicate with your bot lane, and as soon as you are capable, kill the first dragon in the pit. In last season this wasn’t that much of an advantage, as it only meant a little bit of a boost. Now it’s huge. The best part is that you can solo a drake after you reach level 5 and have a good bit of gold in your pockets.

Once that’s done, start controlling the top side of the jungle, including the Herald. You are your team’s biggest objective taker, so if you can harness the power of Shyvana, you should have both a drake and a Herald by the 18th minute. After that, the game is completely yours, because at that point you will be way too overpowered for the enemy team to take on.

By the mid game, you should adapt to the situation – see the item guide above for direction. Stay with your team, act as an initiator and tank that your allies can rely on, and push through the mid lane and win. Simple as that.

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