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The Teamfight Tactics Interface Update explained, and why it matters

It may look like a small cosmetic change, but it can have big implications for how you play the game

Thanks to patch 9.24, when you start up a game of Teamfight Tactics, you will probably notice a slight interface update. Many of the changes are fairly subtle and completely cosmetic, including:

  • the “Buy XP” and “Refresh” buttons have swapped places
  • the lock button is now on the right-hand corner of the shop.

Teamfight Tactics interface update

However, there is one major change to the interface update that can and probably will change the way a lot of players approach the game: The Level Bar. The Level Bar now displays your current level and XP progress, segmented into units of 4. It also now displays drop rates in percent for each tier, based on your current level.

Why does this matter?

While these changes may seem like no big deal since the interface update doesn’t technically affect gameplay, in a game where strategy is everything, information is more valuable than a +13 gold economy.

Adding the Level Bar to the updated interface is going to shake things up in two specific ways. First, the experience progression segmentation will help determine when to spend 4 gold to immediately level up. Second, the drop rates for each tier are an excellent bit of information to have when deciding whether to roll for that 9th Olaf or save your money and wait for it.

Gnar tft teamfight tactics

Why now?

In a post by Riot Xhanghai and Riot Beernana on the official League of Legends website, it seems like this is an effort to level the playing field for “lower-information gamers” and those of you who already have the drop rates memorized.

“This change is about investing in TFT and its future. The relationship between Buy XP, Level, and how it affects what appears in your shop is not an obvious, understandable one. It’s something that you currently have to learn from a friend or a guide rather than something that is naturally communicated as a core part of the game.”

They also know that even small changes can come with growing pains, and it’s better to get it over with now rather than later. Especially since this seems to be only the beginning.

“These additions are the first set of changes we’re introducing targeted towards making the game more understandable. Moving forward, there shouldn’t be any more button flips, but this is space we will be continuing to invest in and improve.”

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