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The Tilter Zoe | League of Legends Guide

We all remember when Zoe was finally released in League of Legends. She had one of the highest ban rates, and whenever someone played her they usually dominated the game. Unfortunately, since Riot nerfed her she was basically forgotten.

But today we are bringing her back.

When should you use it?

With Zoe you need a little bit of experience before she can be strong. If you want to play her competitively, make sure that you know all the tips and tricks for that Portal Jump. But once you have all of that down, go ahead and play ranked games. You will be surprised how many people can’t handle her abilities and damage. If you have been playing League of Legends as a mid laner regularly, Zoe might just be the champion to get you out of ELO hell.

Although, she’s just as good if you want to have fun. She gets enhanced auto attacks after each used ability, plus a little bit of movement speed. Because of this you can run around poking the enemy laner constantly. And once you get your Portal Jump, the fun doubles. Sniper shots for everyone.

What items does Tilter Zoe need?

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Lich Bane
  • Void Staff

These will be your core items. You will have to pick two more that fit your current game. Most of the time you can pinpoint exactly what you will need. If you are playing against an AP champion, it’s going to be Sorcerer’s Shoes and Zhonya’s Hourglass. If they are AD, then switch the shoes to Ninja Tabi.

The best case is when the enemy doesn’t build any magic resistance, in which case you need to go all in with a Morellonomicon and a Hextech Gunblade.

Which runes does Tilter Zoe need?

League of Legends Zoe build

Since you will be using your Portal Jump often, Sudden Impact will make a huge difference on your games. It will give you a little bit of lethality each time you go for a sniper shot. Because of this, no magic resistance will able to stop you if you play your cards right.

The next important rune is Nimbus Cloak. It gives you movement speed each time you use a summoner spell, which wouldn’t really be as useful with any other League of Legends champion. But as Zoe you get to use everyone else’s summoner spells. If someone tries to Flash away from you, not only will you be able to Flash right after them using your Spell Thief, but you will also run faster. Nimbus Cloak guarantees kills and escapes for you.

When to switch it up

Quite honestly… there is no counter to Zoe. Statistically she does have some, but when you are in the game you can feel the power she has. And there is no stopping it.

The only time when you should consider choosing someone else, is when the enemy top laner is a Taric. If it’s the enemy mid laner or the support, then you won’t have a problem, because you can shut both of them down early on. But a Zoe player can’t constantly gank top and keep that lane in order too. Therefore, if your top laner can’t do their job properly and they feed, then you will have a champion that can easily overpower you. And it won’t matter how strong you are at that point, because it will only make you a bigger target.

League of Legends Zoe guide

How to play as Tilter Zoe

From the name you can clearly tell what your main goal will be. To get ridiculously overpowered. Your job as a Tilter Zoe is to make the enemy quit League of Legends. And the road to that is easier than you would imagine.

During your first 3 levels you need to use your Paddle Star to farm, then your passive to poke. This will quickly chip away at the enemy laner’s health, so make sure to do it often. Once they are under 50% you can go in for the kill, but you need to land your Sleepy Trouble Bubble first. It’s a safety net, so it’s better to use it whenever you can for a kill.

After you have that laner in check and they are afraid of you – which happens after 2 or 3 kills – you need to go roaming. Go down to the bottom lane and destroy the ADC (unless there’s an Ambulance Soraka or another monster healer, then it’s better to leave them alone). Go in the enemy jungle and teach that jungler where their place is. You are an assassin, you can do whatever you want if you trust your skills.

When you have your core items, the tilting game really starts. From then on your job will be to assassinate one single player that seems like a good target. They need to be a little squishy and preferably someone who shows consistently bad judgement. The ADC and the mid laner are usually good candidates. Then just start focusing them and kill them whenever you can, until they are raging in the all chat or quit.

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