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The True Senna Carry | League of Legends Guide

Senna is the perfect ADC for League of Legends players who have had enough of losing because of their teammates. She has the ability to deal a ton of damage while still supporting other players and healing them. Because of this, you might be wondering why more people don’t play her. Well, the answer is simple: she is a bit new, and Riot made her abilities a little too complicated, so players don’t want to bother.

And so, we ended up with an overpowered champion that many people can’t even play as, or against.

When should you play this build?

Senna is a very fun champion, as she has the full kit to be several different things. You can act like an ADC, an assassin or even a support. Because of this variety, you can change your playstyle in the middle of the game and still come out on top. I personally love switching from support to ADC, because it catches the enemy by surprise when my damage suddenly skyrockets. Although I don’t really recommend using either as strictly a support, Rakan or Blitzcrank would be way better options in this meta. But you can try any other combination of switch ups.

And of course, she is still amazing if you go all in with one role. As an ADC or a mid laner she can deal an absurd amount of damage, which is really fun to run around with. You can simply get stealthed, sneak up on someone and one-shot them.

Senna’s abilities make her a great pick in ranked League of Legends games as well. She has an innate advantage, because as we mentioned before, many people didn’t bother to learn her. Currently, many League of Legends players just try to wing the game whenever they get into a match with her.

What items does Senna need?

  • Rapid Firecannon
  • Infinity Edge
  • Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Essence Reaver

These will be your core items, and you will need to choose two more to complete your build. Your choices will depend on the situation, although in most cases you will likely need to go with Umbral Blade and Youmuu’s Ghostblade. These will both give you a good amount of lethality and CDR, which will help you get ahead. Although, if you can clearly see that your team is slowly falling behind, you will definitely need to get Guardian Angel. It’s the only item that will be able to help you at that point.

Which runes does Senna need?

League of Legends Senna guide

As an ADC, you will be moving around constantly, which will build up your Fleet Footwork stacks really fast. Just make sure to know when you are at 100, because your next attack will be energized, meaning that it will deal more damage. In the case of your Piercing Darkness, it will heal more. Make sure that every energized attack is directed at the enemy and not at minions.

Legend: Bloodline is highly important as well. It’s very likely that you haven’t had to gain these Legend stacks before, as this rune is quite uncommon. Just read through its description, it’s not too hard to follow. The key thing you need to know, is that you will get more lifesteal.

When to switch it up

Senna has a couple of counters in Legaue of Legends. Luckily, none of them are too relevant in the current meta, so it’s unlikely that you will have to deal with any of them. Currently, the worst case scenario is that you will have to go up against a Soraka. Unless we are talking about a highly skilled Ambulance Soraka, you will have nothing to worry about.

League of Legends guide

How to play as Senna

There is nothing special about the early game. Sit down and farm as much as you can, like a regular ADC. And of course, take kills and help out the jungler if they decide to kill the dragon – these will all grant you Legend stacks, which will mean more lifesteal for you. If you are feeling confident, you can harass the enemy laners while farming, but you will need a little experience with the champion to be able to do this safely.

The things Senna needs to watch out for during the laning phase of League of Legends are the Mist Wraiths. Collect them like Bard collects his chimes, because these will be just as important to you. These increase your attack range, and there is literally no cap on it. If you take the time to collect as much as possible, you will end up on Caitlyn’s level eventually.

Once the laning phase is over, you can start hunting people down by using your Curse of the Black Mist. If you are strong enough you can go alone, but I highly suggest taking someone with you, just in case you end up facing against several people. You can easily delete enemy players this way, which makes the team’s pushing potential even better.

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