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The Unbeatable Rakan build | League of Legends Guide

We all know that Supports in League of Legends don’t get enough love. Especially Rakan players. But when you play as one, this fact becomes way too obvious. Well, my fellow support mains, let me show you a build that will make your teammates notice you in no time.

What items are in this build?

  • Relic Shield -> Bulwark of the Mountain
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Knight’s Vow
  • Boots of Mobility

These should be the main items you try to get. What items you get after depends on your own playstyle and the enemy team, but the most common ones will be Shurelya’s Reverie and Redemption. If you want to get the most out of the method and the build, then you should rush Boots of Mobility, as it allows you to get to fights much faster.

Which runes should you use?

Yes, you really are seeing it right. Revitalize is, interestingly enough, not part of the rune set. Rakan’s heal isn’t nearly good enough to be worth an entire slot in the rune book, so we skipped it entirely. Instead, we focused on survival after fights. Unflinching is great after casting Grand Entrance, because it will give you extra tenacity. Hence, you can get away easier and survive for longer.

When should you use it?

Whenever you can, basically. Although it’s best if you pair him with Xayah, as we all know, that is not a requirement. You can easily just go in as Rakan and you won’t have a problem with dominating the bot lane.

The only thing you should be aware of is the enemy’s crowd control. If they have way too much of it, then Rakan can get caught out and killed within seconds, as he doesn’t have much survivability alone. If you bring along a friend or regular teammate, then your chances of winning will increase a lot as well.

When to switch it up

This build is pretty easy to play and doesn’t require much experience. But there are specific circumstances under which you cannot play it. You will most definitely lose against certain enemies, so just watch out for these few champions.

The first one is Morgana. She can block anything with her shield, so if you want to jump on the ADC with a Grand Entrance, you will be met with disappointment. It simply won’t work. The same goes for Rakan’s Gleaming Quill, and The Quickness as well. If you go up against her then be very, very cautious.

Caitlyn and Janna are both champions that can easily crowd control a whole team. Not even Battle Dance is going to save Rakan if he gets caught in a trap or a whirlwind. Against these two he has no chance in the early game. Which is quite a shame, as this entire build depends on how you play at the start.

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How to play as Rakan

If you play as a support regularly, then you already know how Rakan works. He can jump far ahead and can pull back within a couple of seconds, making him the most mobile Support champion in League of Legends. This is obvious to anyone, even if you have never played him before. But this build will highlight the best part about this mobility.

In the early game you need to appear out of nowhere. If you are playing alongside a Xayah, then this will be easy to do, but pretty much anyone else can do in a pinch. You need to go as far away as possible, so that the enemy thinks you’re leaving. This will most likely trick them into playing more aggressively, which is when you can use your Battle Dance, then your Grand Entrance. It will give you a huge leap, leaving the enemy with no time to react. If you feel threatened, then you can go back right away with the Battle Dance. Use this method as often as possible, because you can easily catch ADCs with it.

After that all you need to do is initiate. Constantly. Watch for your team’s ultimates, their mana and their health. Whenever you have the chance, you need to initiate a fight and win it by crowd controlling the enemy while your teammates peel them. That’s the key to the unbeatable Rakan. Just be aggressive.

Final thoughts

This is one Rakan build that can carry you out of Iron in League of Legends if you’re stuck there. It works great for beginners and veterans as well, so don’t be afraid to at least try it out. But it’s also great if you just want to get a chest, as it’s insanely easy to get an S+ with the Unbeatable Rakan.

If you want more info on how to play this champion properly, then head on out and watch this video by The Strategy Professor. Or stick around with us for more League of Legends content, like our guide for Nightblue’s Ridiculous Damage Kindred.

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