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Xerath is one of those champions in League of Legends that can only be imagined on mid lane. If you’re close-minded, that is. But there are always LoL scientists out there, developing imaginative and OP builds for champions who would normally be considered hard-stuck in the meta.

And as it turns out, Xerath can be absolutely amazing as a support.

When should you use it?

This build is perfect in every single situation. Want to climb the ranks? Support Xerath. Want to have fun? Support Xerath. Has your ADC been a jerk since you got in the champion select? Support Xerath. You cannot get into a game where he wouldn’t be great.

The best part is that even beginner players can use it. League of Legends is very difficult if you’re just learning how to play, but Xerath is pretty easy, even if you have no clue about the mechanics. He has four very simple spells and a mana pool that is easy to fill up. Therefore, if you have enough Blue Essence then you should buy him and give him a try.

Oh, and if you go up against a Caitlyn or a Miss Fortune you can watch them explode with rage. They hate it when enemies have more range than them.

League of Legends Xerath build

What items does Support Xerath need?

  • Spellthief’s Edge -> Shard of True Ice
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Luden’s Echo
  • Morellonomicon
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass

You will need to get your support item first (obviously), otherwise you won’t be able to get any gold. As a support you can’t steal minions from the ADC, unless they are not in lane – in which case, go for it. It won’t be hard either, as you have the spells to clear an entire lane within 5 seconds.

There’s no set order you should follow, because your main goal won’t be kills, but peeling. It’s probably going to upset you at first, especially if you haven’t played as a support before. You just need to get used to giving away kills. If your plan is to help push the lanes, then you can rush Luden’s Echo, because it will help with wave-clear.

Which runes does Support Xerath need?

League of Legends Xerath build

As you can clearly see, there’s nothing supportive in the runes. Don’t worry though, you will play as a different kind of support. The main things you will need to make use of will be the Arcane Comet and the Scorch. These two will deal a large amount of damage throughout the game, which will be very much needed.

Cheap shot is also great for some more damage. You have two abilities that will impair the enemy’s movement, in which case you can hurt them even more. If you are good at your skillshots, this build will play out really nicely.

When to switch it up

If there is a counter on the enemy team, then just don’t ever pick Xerath. I’m serious, there is no way to win if he gets countered. Most of the champions that can deal with him are assassins, like Yasuo and Talon. These guys can just slide or jump right in the middle of the back lane and kill you, so your screen will permanently stay black and white throughout the entire mid game.

There are also a couple of supports that are awful to play against as well. Blitzcrank is a great example of this, but Alistair is just as dangerous. He can easily grab you from and drag you under turret or stun you for long enough to be killed by their ADC.

League of Legends Xerath build

How to play as Support Xerath

Just damage the enemy as much as possible. Use up all your mana, then gain it back by auto attacking champions. That is literally all you do for the the first few minutes. I highly suggest sending an Arcanopulse straight through every wave of minions while they are still in a line. This makes it really easy to push in and get some extra damage done. If you can create an advantage for yourself, then your ADC should have at least 3 kills by the end of the early game.

After that your only goal will be survival. As soon as the enemy team realizes how much damage you deal, they will be out to get you. This is why you should never bring Xerath against counters. Stay back and stay safe. Your spells have enough range to still be able to work.

Final thoughts

Xerath will forever be my favorite champion in League of Legends, and I have a feeling that all of you will like him too if you give this build a shot. Even if you don’t, you will still have a blast – he is just too fun to play.

If you want to try another strong support build, take a look at our Unbeatable Rakan guide.

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