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What does your League of Legends role say about your personality?

Every role in League of Legends tends to have a pretty specific personality behind it, and the pattern is very consistent. If you play attention to this aspect of the game, you will find that everyone playing the same role tends to act in a similar way and have predictable reactions. Sky Williams said it years ago.

So, what are you like based on your role in League of Legends?

Top laner

You’re the type of person to cancel plans last second, even if they have been in place for weeks. This is very obvious if you take a look at your playstyle. Your entire team is going for an objective, while you are up on top pushing the lane. This is fine – up until the second the fights breaks out. But where are you then? Certainly not using your teleport and going to your team. You continue to push instead.

League of Legends Personality

In real life this happens over two phone calls. One to arrange plans to meet up, and then the second to cancel last minute.

We don’t blame you, people get lazy and these plans suddenly don’t seem all that interesting or worth the energy when it’s time to do them. Your heart is in the right place, because you want to hang out, you just don’t follow up. But you should never let this part of your personality take over in League of Legends. You can be that person, but don’t be that top laner.


While on the subject of plans and following up on them, junglers are a tiny bit better. You follow up. You’re just always late.

Junglers are the kind of people who say “I’ll be right there” or “I’ll come when I hit 6”. These statements are all fine, you look out for your laners and want to help. You just don’t include the other things you want to do between you hitting 6, and going to the lane. If a jungler says “I’m coming top now” I will never take them seriously ever again. Because that trip includes taking two camps, blue or red and the crab.

And how does this translate into real life? You are the kind of person who texts “I’ll be there in 5” while you are sitting in the bathtub. You’re the person who is always late.

We get it, things come up and you want to earn some gold too. But please don’t make promises that you can’t keep. It’s really annoying, especially when we are preparing for the gank.

Mid laner

Do you think you are the main character of an anime? Because you certainly act like it. Mid laners in League of Legends tend to be overly dramatic and very vocal about everything. Also, they have to be the center of attention all the time. To them it doesn’t matter if that attention is the good or the bad kind. If it takes a pentakill to get the recognition they deserve, then they will get it. If it takes 10 deaths as Yasuo, that works too.

I’m sorry, but you are probably a bit selfish in real life. If you recognize this kind of behavior in your games, then you need to adjust it. Not only is it annoying in-game, but it will also ruin how you act towards others in your personal life.

You don’t need to flash in for every kill and no, you do not deserve every single blue because you can’t manage your mana. Just chill out a little bit.

League of Legends Personality


As a person who has to be by the side of an ADC all game, I have a couple of things to say about you. But I’m not going to be too harsh this time! Realistically, there are two types of ADCs in League of Legends.

One is the cooperative and communicative one. These people ping and talk as much as they can, and are really fun to play with. If you are in this group: thank you. You make the game easier on everyone, and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it. Keep doing you, your personality is the best case scenario for a League of Legends player.

On the other hand, there’s the selfish ADC who thinks they are the center of the whole world just because they have a personal medic right next to them. They probably main Vayne or Draven, and are constantly blaming everyone else for problems. If they get ganked, they will swear at their own jungler because he “never comes”. If they get killed, it’s somehow always the support’s fault.

If you are one of these people, consider changing a bit. Your attitude is ruining the game for everyone. And I can’t imagine things are much better in real life.


Here are again we have two types of person. There’s the caring and loving League of Legends support who wants to be there for everyone and save them. They roam, ward and help everyone out as much as they can. They don’t give in to the toxicity of others and will continue to uplift their teammates throughout the whole game. This is what every support should aim for. And so should I.

Because like many other supports, I’m in the second category: the type that does their job as much as possible, which means constantly protecting the ADC. But if they get sworn at or aren’t appreciated, then they will suddenly turn into a second AP heavy champion. That AP Nami build comes in handy when my team flames me, and there’s a lesson here. The more you tilt your own support, the less of a support you have.

What this behavior says about someone’s personality in real life is not clear. One thing is certain, though: my fellow League of Legends supports, you need to chill out. I know you get the “It’s just a game” phrase thrown at you a lot, and that’s just because it is – sit back and think through your rage.

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