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Wild Rift patch 2.0 is out and everything is better!

I gave Wild Rift a pretty bad beating in my earlier review, but that was when it was only in alpha. Now that it is out in open beta, Riot has made some massive changes that make the game so much better and enjoyable.

So, what happened?

There are some new champions, communication systems were improved, and almost everything got a small tweak or two, and it all adds up to make the game slightly better.

New Wild Rift champions

The Yordles are officially part of the game now. Tristana, Kennen, Lulu, and the one we have feared from the beginning, Teemo. Interestingly enough he isn’t as annoying in Wild Rift, which is a huge relief. He also isn’t garbage, just a regular fun champion.

One thing I have noticed is that Tristana’s jump is pretty hard to control. I have already mentioned that autoattacks can be finnicky, but skillshots are the exact same way. However, when you miss a skillshot you just lose out on a kill; no biggie, you can get it a few minutes later. But if you miss a jump you will either miss out on a kill or die. It needs to be easier to control Tristana’s jump, otherwise her difficulty needs to be adjusted to extra-hard.

Oh, and they also have their best skins available in the shop.

Unfortunately, the game is still tailored to old champs, and Seraphine is still way too overpowered. Take a look at the following picture and try to tell me that I was an actual support:

Wild Rift 2.0

Pings and emotes

Up until now we only had three types of pings, and hard-to-reach emotes. You could only tell someone to “Retreat”, “Group” or “On my way”. This allowed us almost zero communication, especially because there is no chat. Now we can reply to these pings by signaling that we saw them, and there are plenty of emotes that can communicate our teammates what we want. Although we can still only use five in a game, so you need to be careful which ones you pick.

You can finally learn the map!

I had a problem with the map flipping while playing on the red side. This made the jungle quite difficult to navigate and it didn’t exactly help me during my escape attempts either, but Riot allowed us to solve this problem.

You can now study the map whenever you please, as there is an option to just read up on where everything is within the application. This would be absolutely amazing, but it only shows you the blue side and you can’t tell the game to flip sides so you can get more familiar with the red part. I flipped my phone upside down and learned that way, so it’s not impossible, just annoying.

Wild Rift 2.0

Riot is pushing players to better themselves

This is huge news. I’ve mentioned this, but it seemed like people just went with the flow in Wild Rift and didn’t even try to improve. Now that they have the map available, along with a lot of reading material, they have a chance to be better.

Not only this, but now the game will prompt you to play the tutorials based on your performance. So if the game suddenly pops the turret tutorial onto your screen, you better make sure to play it because it seems that you don’t understand how they work yet. But that is completely okay. The rest of us want you to succeed too, so there is no shame in learning even more, even if you have completed all of the tutorials.

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