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Ziggs is back as an ADC | League of Legends Guide

If you play League of Legends regularly and stay in step with the meta, you know that Ziggs belongs in the mid lane. Or at least that’s all he was good for until now, even though he was intended to be an ADC. In a recent patch, Riot fixed this little problem, and we have a completely new bot laner in Ziggs now. Here’s a great build for this role!

When should you play this build?

First of all, watch out for new patches. There is a good chance that this kind of build might be outdated by the time you read this, as Riot likes to make champions overpowered for a week, then nerf them to oblivion the next. We just don’t know what will stay in the meta.

Once you have confirmed that Ziggs is still viable, you can bring him anywhere. Obviously, practice him first on the bot lane, even if you have been maining him on mid. There is a huge difference.

He is generally really fun down on bot in casual games. Most League of Legends players know how to react to a Ziggs there, so it makes the whole match highly unfair for them. But hey, more gold for you and your entire team.

On the other hand, this can backfire really quickly in a ranked game. People tend to be a little more aware, and they are also more willing to call for help if they don’t know how to deal with something. In lower rank this isn’t too common though, so that’s the best place to practice Ziggs on bottom.

What items does Ziggs need?

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Morellonomicon
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap

Since Ziggs has abilities that are based on AP, you will need to rush Luden’s Echo to be able to farm effectively. Before that, you need to rely on your support so you can concentrate on the creeps and get those last hits. It’s probably best if you have a tank support.

After your core items, you will need some kind of boots. Sorcerer’s Shoes are universal, can be used in any game and are relatively useful. But if you want to adapt to your enemies, you will either need to get Ionian Boots of Lucidity, or Mercury’s Treads, based on whether they are building AP or AD heavy.

If you are ahead by minute 20, you can start snowballing with items too. A Mejai’s Soulstealer is a pretty risky build, but if you can stay on top of the game, it’s a huge boost. Or, if your enemies have started building magic resist, it’s time you fight back and get a Void Staff. Finally, in the worst case scenario, you can get Zhonya’s Hourglass, which is great if you’re behind.

Which runes does Ziggs need?

League of Legends Ziggs build

Arcane Comet is for those League of Legends players who like to poke the hell out of their enemies during the laning phase. It’s hilarious to see all that damage build up just from a simple rune. And of course, the other team’s ADC and support will be quite frustrated by all of this.

What I personally love is Biscuit Delivery. I run out  of mana fairly quickly during the early game, even with the Manaflow Band, so whenever I get a random biscuit I’m always delighted. It gives you that little extra boost to carry out until you can go back.

When to switch it up

You should (very obviously) stay clear of your counters and any champions that are statistically better. But if you can’t get away from them, you should build and play defensively. Stay back, build your Zhonya’s Hourglass and whatever boots – before your core items. Maybe even consider getting a shield as your starter item.

Or you could also ask your top laner to switch places with you. Ziggs is also very viable on top lane, although League of Legends has been showing signs that they may nerf that option.

League of Legends Ziggs guide

How to play as Ziggs

In the early game you will need to focus on your farm. Against an actual ADC, who has an advantage because of their auto attacks, you might fall behind. Throw your Bouncing Bomb at minions, but try to aim for the ones around the enemies. That way you can farm and poke at the same time. Same goes for using Hexplosive Minefield. And please, do not use these sparingly. Your Manaflow band is there for a good reason.

Once mid game starts, you are basically the same Ziggs as you were in the middle lane. You can use the same tactics and play the same way. If you have been maining him, this will probably get boring though, so I don’t advise switching lanes if you want to make things a little more fun. Instead, try out another ADC that you haven’t played before or haven’t thought of much. I have heard that Senna is a pretty amazing carry.

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