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Ashe and Sejuani | Legends of Runeterra Deck Guide

This deck focuses on Frostbiting your opponent's units, turning them into Ashe-icles

Welcome back to another Legends of Runeterra guide! The Legends of Runeterra Ashe Sejuani deck has been growing in popularity, and today I’ll teach you how to play it.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the importance of each card in Ashe Sejuani. We’ll also cover some match-up tips.

Ashe and Sejuani

The Ashe Sejuani Legends of Runeterra deck revolves around the power of Ashe. The goal of our deck is to play out our curve, make favorable trades through Frostbite effects, and close out the game with our big units. Ashe is a 4-mana 5/4 champion that Frostbites the strongest enemy unit when she attacks and levels up once we Frostbite 5 or more units. She’s great, because she can fulfill her own level up requirements while forcing our opponent to make unfavorable trades.

However, the best part about Ashe happens when we level her up. Ashe is our strongest finisher because she creates a spell on the top of our deck called Crystal Arrow. Against several decks in the format, Crystal Arrow is going to win games the moment we cast it. Why? Because combined with Ashe’s leveled up passive, our opponent won’t be able to block our units at all.

Therefore, we always want to try and set up for a single lethal attack with Ashe and Crystal Arrow. Just remember though, Crystal Arrow goes on the top of the deck when we level up Ashe up, not straight into our hand. This means that it’s usually better to play Ashe on our opponent’s turn. 

Now that we understand Ashe’s role in this our deck, let’s quickly talk about Sejuani. Ever since Vi was nerfed in Patch 1.2, several players have been trying to abuse her leveled up passive. However, in this deck, we don’t prioritize leveling her up. In some games, we don’t level her up at all. This is because our deck doesn’t have any way of dealing with direct damage to our opponent’s nexus except through combat. 

Instead, we’re just going to be using her as a way to help us control the board, since she’s very good at dealing with problematic units. Also, when matches go long, Sejuani can help us close out the game if we don’t have an Ashe or Crystal Arrow to do so. 

Our units

The easiest way to understand our units is to work our way up the curve. 

  • Omen Hawk buffs our future units. This is going to help us make favorable trades during the mid-game. Also, keep in mind that a lot of removal spells in the format right now deal exactly 3 damage. So having Omen Hawk potentially increase Ashe’s health from 3 to 4 is pretty relevant, and can help her stay on the board a lot better. 
  • Icevale Archer is just a great unit that helps us control the board through Frostbite, and gives us a 3/1 body to work with. Unfortunately, he can be picked off by spells like Vile Feast and Statikk Shock. But if he’s able to stay alive, he can get in good damage during the early game and stay back to block Fearsome units. 
  • Trifarian Gloryseeker is a 2-mana 5/1 with Challenger. Like Icevale Archer, Glorlyseeker can be picked off by the same 1-damage spells. However, if left alone, this card can trade into almost any unit, and is especially good at picking off our opponent’s champions. Plus, you have to take into account that our deck has cards like Omen Hawk and Avaroson Hearthguard to potentially beef it up to 2 health. Frostbite effects also help her trade into more creatures. 
  • Avarosan Sentry is a 2/1 unit that replaces itself. A great card to help fill out our curve. 
  • Avarosan Trapper is a 3-mana 3/3 that puts an Enraged Yeti near the top of our deck. After playing the deck a few times, I ended up realizing that a lot of decks right now struggle to deal with Enraged Yeti. A 5/5 body sticks on the board very well and trades efficiently. Plus, since Enraged Yeti only costs 1-mana, I was usually able to play another threat on top of it which was pretty nuts. 
  • Trifarian Assessor draws us a card for each 5+ power unit we have on the board, and is going to be the main draw engine in our deck. Since we have a lot of 5 power units (Ashe, Trifarian Guardseeker, Enraged Yeti), we’re going to be able to consistently hit at least 1-2 cards with Trifarian Assessor. Also, since Trifarian Assessor also counts herself, she can draw us an extra card if she was buffed by Omen Hawk or Avarosan Hearthguard. 
  • Babbling Bjerg just helps us draw us a unit with 5 or more power when it’s summoned. Anything we get is going to be useful, but since Ashe has 5 power, I look at Babbling Bjerg as a card that helps with the consistency of drawing Ashe.
  • Avarosan Hearthguard is just a big unit that gives all units in our deck a +1/+1 stat bonus. This is a great card that helps us set up beefy creatures for the late-game. 

Spells and removal

Overall, we have a really good curve of creatures that can trade well into the enemy board. However, we also want to be interacting with our opponent. Let’s go over the spells in our deck. 

  • Brittle Steel and Elixir of Iron keep our units alive. Also, since they are both Burst speed spells, they don’t give our opponent a lot of room to react. 
  • Culling Strike kills any unit that has 3 or less power, and has been over-performing in this deck. This is relevant in the current metagame, since it kills a lot of popular champions right now: Heimerdinger, Swain, and Miss Fortune, for example.

Last but not least in our Ashe Sejuani deck, we have two 6-mana spells.

  • Harsh Winds is a simple card that is here for a simple reason: Frostbiting 2 enemies at burst speed makes combat difficult for our opponent, and quickly levels up our Ashe. 
  • Reckoning  acts as an extra win condition and is a complete blowout against decks that like to have a lot of bodies on the board like Bannerman and Spiders. As you already know, our deck has several 5 power units, so meeting the requirements of this card is a breeze. Furthermore, since we have a lot of Frostbite effects, Reckoning can deal with big creatures as well. This is especially useful against decks like Nautilus Sea Monsters.


Overall, the Ashe Sejuani Legends of Runeterra deck is all about making smart trades and building up our board until we can set up for a lethal attack with Ashe and Crystal Arrow. Even if we can’t draw Ashe, the units in this deck do a really good job at just pummelling our opponent’s nexus. And don’t forget that if we get our opponent low enough, we can just use Sejuani as our finisher instead. 

To be successful with Ashe Sejuani, you also need to know your match-ups. Here are some tips.

  • Against Aggro: This deck has no life gain, so you want to preserve your life total as much as you can. Mulligan for Icevale Archer, since he can usually buy you a turn or two. Avarosan Trapper is also a great card to have, since getting a 5/5 Enraged Yeti is great for stabilizing the board.
  • Against Midrange: You should have an easy time making favorable trades because of all the Frostbite effects in your deck. Once you get an Ashe on the board, you should be able to win the game very quickly.
  • Against Control: Trifarian Gloryseeker is extremely good at pressuring control decks. Also, as I mentioned earlier, Trifarian Gloryseeker is great at sniping important control champions. Will of Ionia isn’t amazing against Ashe Sejuani since a lot of our cards have enter the battlefield effects.

This wraps up my deck guide for Ashe Sejuani! Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

Stay tuned to SQUAD for more Legends of Runeterra content and guides.

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