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How to play Burn Aggro | Legends of Runeterra Guide

Welcome back to another Legends of Runeterra guide! The Legends of Runeterra Burn Aggro deck has been strong for some time now, and today I’ll teach you how to play it.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the importance of each card in Burn Aggro. We’ll also cover some match-up tips.

Burn Aggro with Teemo

Right now, Burn Aggro is perfect for people looking for quick decisive games. The goal of Burn Aggro is to play cheap aggressive creatures that repeatedly pummel our opponent in the face until they die or are low enough to die to our burn spells. 

In this deck, we have Teemo as our champion. Teemo is great because he’s an Elusive unit with high damage potential if left unchecked. His Poison Puffcap damage adds up immensely as the game goes on, and gives us a way to finish off the game outside of combat.

Our units

This deck wants to start pressuring our opponent as soon as possible. This means that it’s important for us to have a nice curve of aggressive units. Luckily, our deck has plenty of units to help us out with that. 

  • Legion Saboteur is a little fragile at 1 health, but the benefit is that regardless of where we are in the game she is guaranteed to deal 1 damage. 
  • Precious Pet is a 2/1 fearsome spider and is usually left unblocked if played on turn 1 or 2. This is because there aren’t many early 3 damage units in the game right now. 
  • Legion Grenadier is great because even if our opponent has blockers, we’re guaranteed to deal 2 damage to their Nexus. Plus, with a 3/1 stat line, Legion Grenadier is going to trade well with most creatures. 
  • Boomcrew Rookie deals 2 damage regardless of whether or not it a unit blocks it. This unit has a decent amount of health and guarantees the most damage out of any unit we have. We always keep Boomcrew Rookie in our opening hand.
  • Crimson Disciple puts our opponent in an awkward position and deters them from chump blocking since they don’t want to trigger Crimson Disciple’s ability. This is good for us because it usually means we can get in a free attack. 
  • Imperial Demolitionist can directly damage our opponent’s Nexus, and combo perfectly with Crimson Disciple. We can ping Crimson Disciple for 1, triggering Crimson Disciple ability, and deal a total of 4 damage to our opponent. Imperial Demolistnist can also ping our other creatures as well, like Boomcrew Rookie. 
  • Used Cask Salesman is a very flexible card. Offensively, we can use the Caustic Casks as targets for Imperial Demolistnist or Transfusion. Defensively, we can use the Caustic Casks as chump blockers to buy us more time to draw our burn spells.

Burn spells

  • Always try to use Mystic Shot and Get Excited on the opponent’s Nexus. Don’t waste time trying to eliminate the opponent board unless you have to.
  • Try not to proactively use Noxian Fervor because it allows your opponent to destroy your ally unit before it resolves. This would cancel Noxian Fervor’s effect because it no longer has a legal target anymore. Instead, try to use Noxian Fervor in response to our opponent’s spells or if they are low on mana.
  • Statikk Shock helps get rid of chump blockers, pings our opponent for 1 and replaces itself with a card. 
  • Decimate is great at finishing off our opponent. 
  • Transfusion helps us push through more damage, save our creatures from removal spells, and triggers our Crimson Disciple to hit our opponent for two damage


To be successful with the Legends of Runeterra Burn Aggro deck, you also need to know your match-ups. Here are some tips.

  • Against Aggro: Burn Aggro is usually faster than most aggressive decks. If they can develop their board faster than you, use Used Cask Salesman to slow down the pressure.
  • Against Midrange: Don’t be afraid to do a full attack with your units. As long as most of your units get through, you should be able to finish off Midrange decks with a Decimate.
  • Against Control: Control decks have a lot of removal spells. Try to use your Noxian Fervor in response to those spells.

This wraps up our Legends of Runeterra Burn Aggro guide! Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

Stay tuned to SQUAD for more Legends of Runeterra content and guides.

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