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How to play Corina Control | Legends of Runeterra Deck Guide

In today’s Legends of Runeterra guide we will be looking at the spell-heavy control deck Corina Control.

Before we talk about the deck itself, I know the can be fairly expensive to craft for newer players. If you’re still developing your collection, make sure to stay to the end of the article because I’ll be providing a budget option for Corina Control to help get you started!

corina control guide

Late game threats

corina control

Corina Control is all about stalling out the game for as long as we can, so that we can play two extremely scary late-game threats, the first of which is Corina Veraza. Corina’s card text can be confusing to read at first, so let me clarify what she does. Corina Veraza Obliterates the top 5 cards of our deck as a Play effect, and deals damage to all enemies depending on how many spells she Obliterates. More than half our deck consists of spells, so the odds of us hitting at least 2-3 spells is pretty good.

Also, when Corina Veraza deals damage to “all enemies”, that includes our opponent’s health as well. This means that Corina Veraza is great at eliminating wide creature boards and can even act as a finisher sometimes. Unfortunately, the downside to Corina Veraza is that her value is random. There’s going to be times where you whiff and only hit 1 spell, and Obliterate non-spell cards that you might want to draw.

corina control

Corina Veraza is great at controlling the board, but she can’t always guarantee a victory the moment we play her. In fact, even though the deck is called Corina Control, our best win-condition is Commander Ledros. Why? Because Commander Ledros has everything we want in a win condition.

Does he enter the battlefield with an ability that sets us up for the win? Check.

Does he have good enough stats to finish off the game himself? Check.

And finally, does he have a way of protecting himself from removal? Check.

Generally, we want to be playing Commander Ledros first, cut our opponent’s health in half, and follow up with Corina Veraza to finish of the game.

Removal package

Currently, we know that our deck wants to play Corina and Commander Ledros. However, how exactly does Corina Control stall out a Legends of Runeterra game long enough to play them? Well, this is where our massive amount of removal spells come in.

First, we have Thermogenic Beam, Vile Feast, Mystic Shot, Statikk Shock, and Gotcha. These are cheap early game removal spells to help us control our opponents board during the first few rounds of the game. Let’s quickly talk about each one.

  • Thermogenic Beam is just great and scales well throughout the game.
  • Vile Feast is amazing at picking off 1 health creatures, and getting a spider is relevant in this deck because of Elise, but we’ll touch on that later.
  • Statikk Shock is also great at sniping 1 health creatures and replaces itself.
  • Gotcha! kills a lot of important champions, such as Heimerdinger and Ezreal. A note about this card – don’t feel like you have to always use it the turn you draw it. It’s nice if you’re able to pay it for its reduced cost, but you should keep it for a crucial target.

Corina Control also has some life gain spells that help us during the Legends of Runeterra midgame.

  • Grasp of the Undying is also good for sniping 3 health champions, and great for gaining us some life.
  • Withering Wail is a nice board wipe that gains us 3 life. Aggro decks are still very popular in the meta right now, and Withering Wail is a must draw in those match-ups.

And finally, on the higher end of the curve, we have Atrocity, Vengeance, and The Ruination.

  • Atrocity isn’t exactly a removal spell. Most of the time, you want to use Atrocity to kill Corina Veraza or Commander Ledros and target your opponent’s nexus to have it act as a finisher. Technically, you can target anything with Atrocity, but only use it as a removal spell when you really need to.
  • Vengeance just does what it says and kills a unit.
  • The Ruination is a massive board wipe and punishes players that overextend. This card is great at buying you time to find Corina Vedras or Commander Ledros.

Board presence

Our spells are great at dealing with our opponent’s threats, but we’re going to need some sort of way to gain our own board presence. Earlier, I mentioned that getting a spider from Vile Feast was going to be relevant – this is because a part of our deck has a small spider theme.

  • Elise is great because she helps us develop a board of 1/1 Spiderlings. In this deck, we’re able to level her up consistently. She gives herself and all our spiders Challenger, which helps us make favorable trades. Don’t be afraid of losing Elise to kill off our opponent’s bigger units, since our main game plan is to win the game through Commander Ledros and Corina Veraza, not Elise.
  • Brood Awakening creates a wide wide board of threatening spiders extremely fast, and also helps us level up Elise.
  • Frenzied Skitterer is a flexible card that makes our spiders stronger while weakening our opponent’s creatures. Offensively, we can use Frenzied Skitterer as a way to push through tons of damage. Defensively, we can use Frenzied Skitterer to slow down our opponent’s damage.
  • Because this Legends of Runeterra deck can create a bunch of 1/1 spiders, Corina Control has Glimpse Beyond to help us draw into our late-game threats.
  • Last but not least is Vi. Vi might seem like an odd addition at first, but she’s just too good at stalling out the game. Vi can challenge our opponent’s units during the midgame, killing crucial champions and units. Also, Corina Control can easily boost Vi’s stats since we’ll be casting several spells throughout the game. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see Vi level up and act as another finisher in this deck.

Summary and tips

Corina Control wants to stall out the game, play Commander Ledros or Corina Veraza, and finish off the opponent before they can redevelop their board. The deck is really good at dealing with our opponent’s threats, while also being good at building our own board. Corina Control is a very slow deck, but extremely good at winning the late game once it gets there.

To be successful with Corina Control, you need to know your match-ups. Here are some tips.

  1. Against Aggro decks, you want to prioritize stopping the early pressure. Cards like Elise and Whispering Wail are going to be amazing since they trade well into your opponent’s board.
  2. Against Midrange decks, Ruination is your best friend. A midrange deck like Midrange Bannerman, for example, relies heavily on playing out their hand on curve. Midrange decks usually aren’t amazing at building back their board once it’s gone, so a well-timed Ruination is deadly for them.
  3. Against Control decks, you want to play aggressively. This is especially true against Ionia-based Control decks since Commander Ledros is easily dealt with through cards like Will of Ionia and Deny. Try to mulligan for cards like Elise, Frenzied Skitterer, and Brood Awakening.

Bonus: Budget Corina Control!

corina control guide

Before we wrap things up, I promised to create a budget option for Corina Control. According to Mobalytics, the non-budget deck costs about 30,000 shards. This is absurd for newer players just starting out in Legends of Runeterra. But no fear, there are some adjustments that we can make to slowly ease you into the archetype.

My budget option is about 19,600 shards. This might still be fairly expensive for some, but doable after you’ve played the game for a little bit. I made sure the core gameplay of the deck is still there, so make sure to check out the decklist!

This wraps up my Corina Control guide. If you guys have any suggestions on which deck you’d like me to cover next, just let me know!

As always, stay tuned to SQUAD for more Legends of Runeterra content and guides!

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