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How to Play Demacian Elusives | Legends of Runeterra Guide

Elusive has been a premier keyword for several Ionia-based aggro decks in Legends of Runeterra. However, this Demacian variant puts a spicy twist to how Elusives is traditionally played. Today, I’ll be doing a deep dive into how to play Demacian Elusives in Legends of Runeterra.

How to Play Demacian Elusives in Legends of Runeterra


The goal of Demacian Elusives is to play patiently until you undoubtedly have lethal damage in your hand. Unlike a traditional Elusive aggro deck in Legends of Runeterra, Demacian Elusives plays like a combo deck. You don’t want to be slamming down your creatures willy nilly and mindlessly attacking your opponent. Instead, you want to strategically keep some of your creatures in your hand so that you can have a big turn with Keeper of the Masks.

In terms of the mulligan, you want to aggressively find Greenglade Duo. She’s by far the best unit, and will consistently get in the most damage. However, sometimes you may have Lucian + Senna in your opening hand. That is a perfectly fine keep as well, since the two cards can take over games quickly if your opponent has no answer.

demacian elusives decklist

Why you should play this deck

  • Flexible win conditions depending on the matchup.
  • Lucian and Senna can win games out of nowhere.
  • It’s an aggro deck that feels like a fun combo deck.

The Deck

kinkou elusives

Navori Bladescout

In most elusive aggro decks, Navori Bladescout is a fine turn 1 play. However, I usually like keeping Navori Bladescout because it combos well with the other cards in the deck.

kinkou elusives

Greenglade Duo

Greenglade Duo is the bread and butter of our strategy, and you should always keep this card when possible. She’s an extremely efficient unit for 2 mana, that can easily rack up 8-12 damage in one turn.

Keeper of Masks

Keeper of Masks is the main combo card of this deck. The ideal scenario for Demacian Elusives is to slam down a Greenglade Duo, play some other elusive units, and have Keeper of Masks as the big finisher.

kinkou elusives

Navori Conscriptor

We use Navori Conscriptor as a way buff up our Greenglade Duo. For example, let’s say we have a Greenglade Duo on board. A simple combo would be Navori Highwayman, recall Navori Highwayman through Navori Conscriptor, then finally play Navori Highwayman again. This would increase Greenglade Duo’s damage by 5 all in one turn.

Don’t just limit yourself to the combo I mentioned, though. Navori Conscriptor combos amazingly well with Keeper of Masks and Laurent Bladekeeper as well.

Navori Highwayman

Unfortunately, we don’t have any cards in our deck that can boost the stats of Navori Highwayman. However, Navori Highwayman still plays a crucial role in this deck. This unit is great at buying us time to develop our board while boosting Greenglade Duo’s power by 2.


Zed is a no-brainer inclusion if we’re planning to play Greenglade Duo. The two cards naturally synergize with one another, as Zed provides Greenglade Duo with an extra point of damage through his shadow.

Lucian + Senna, Sentinel of Light

If we learned anything from the aggro meta, it’s that Lucian and Senna are a powerhouse couple. The potential to gain Double Attack is scary, since this keyword alone can attack through any defense without any support from other cards. Although they don’t synergize with the elusive theme, these two units do a great job threatening our opponent’s life total.

Laurent Bladekeeper

This is a classic card in Elusive decks, and a great unit that permanently buffs up any unit we want.

Grizzled Ranger + Greathorn Companion

The main reason I love these two cards is that they synergize amazingly with Ghost. Imagine attacking in with an elusive Greathorn Companion. That’s 10 damage in one turn!


Do I really have to explain why Ghost is in the deck?

Ranger’s Resolve

Without Deny and Twin Disciples in our deck, Ranger’s Resolve becomes our only protection spell. Tough is an extremely relevant keyword to give all our units for 1 mana. Since most of our creatures only have 1-2 health, we don’t want to get blown out by cards like Vile Feast, Withering Wail, Anivia, and so on.

Relentless Pursuit

Since we have Scout cards in this deck, there are going to be times where playing Relentless Pursuit on our opponent’s turn will just result in a one-turn kill. Just be wary of your opponent’s mana before playing this card. You don’t want to be playing it too aggressively.

Concussive Palm

This is just a flexible card that can be used offensively or defensively depending on the match-up.

Wrapping it all up

Anyways, this concludes my Legends of Runeterra guide on how to play Demacia Elusives. I hope this guide helped you learn the essentials of the deck. As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!

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