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How to play Discard Aggro | Legends of Runeterra Guide

Landmarks helped shake up the metagame, however, Discard Aggro still remains one of the strongest decks in Legends of Runeterra. It’s consistent, cohesive, and punishes late-game decks very well.

Today, I’ll be going over how to play Discard Aggro, and explain the role of each card in the deck.

How to Play Discard Aggro

Unlike Noxus-based aggro decks (which utilize cheap creatures and burn spells), Discard Aggro relies on Jinx and Draven to win games. During the early game, the deck focuses on trying to discard as many cards from your hand as possible.

Don’t worry, several cards in this deck benefit from being discarded, which prevents us from falling behind in card advantage. Once we’ve dumped our hand, Jinx and Draven just take over the mid-game. These two champions are extremely difficult to block, and are the main-conditions in our deck.

Finally, the best part about Discard Aggro is its ability to effectively pump out damage during the late game. This is largely due to how powerful Jinx is, and how effective Augmented Experimenter is at quickly refilling our hand.

Why you should play this deck

  • Fast and fun gameplay.
  • A unique approach to how aggro decks are traditionally played.
  • Requires much more decision-making than your average aggro deck.

The deck


Draven + Jinx

As previously mentioned, Jinx is the main win condition of this deck. She is a very powerful attacker on turn 4, and provides us with a steady stream of Super Mega Death Rockets during the mid-late game. The main thing you need to focus on while playing this deck, is trying to accrue as much value from Jinx as possible. Since Jinx has only 3 points of health, I recommend you avoid playing her if you know your opponent has a removal spell.

Draven is also a key contributor to the power of this deck. Spinning Axes are useful, since they can either act as discard fodder or extra damage. Plus, since Draven has Quick Attack, we’re always guaranteed a Spinning Axe when he attacks.

Zaunite Urchin

Zaunite Urchin helps cycle through our deck while enabling cards that benefit from being discarded.

Arena Battlecaster

Surprisingly, Discard Aggro actually creates a very wide board. This is due to Flame Chompers and Jury-Rig providing us with units when they are discarded. However, in order to fully utilize these units, we’re going to need a way to beef up their damage. This is where Arena Battlecaster comes in, as an extra point of damage is all we need to make these creatures impactful.

Flame Chompers 

Never pay mana to cast Flame Chompers. We have several discard enablers in our deck, so we will always be able to cast this card for free.

House Spider

The champions of our deck are our main win-conditions, but we can still win the game through aggression. House Spider is the best creature to go wide with, and has provided us with a good amount of stats for only 2 mana.

Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite is just a big beefy creature that just gets in for damage. Ideally, you want to have him coming down as a 5/5 or more, but a 4/4 will do just fine as well.

Augmented Experimenter 

It’s not uncommon for this deck to feel clunky. You don’t always discard the right card or draw the cards you need. Augmented Experimenter fixes all of that. Not only does this unit provide us with some free damage, but it allows us to quickly look for more gas to finish off our opponent’s life total.


Elusive Poros are just scary, especially when our deck has ways to make them stronger. Since this card costs 0-mana and can be cast at burst speed, make sure to save it for big combo turns!


Another card we almost never want to pay mana for. Jury Rig is a card we use as discard fodder as it still provides us with a 1/1 unit.


Rummage is one of the main things making this deck so consistent. It can help level up Jinx, it can help cycle through our deck, and finally, it can help activate Flame Chompers and Jury Rig. Essentially, Rummage is a core card in Discard Aggro and will never be replaced due to its cheap mana cost.

Mystic Shot

A classic burn spell that we can use for any scenario.

Get Excited!

Another classic burn card, except in this deck we can use the discard effect to our advantage.


Vision combined with Spinning Axes, Arena Battlecaster, and a few units can give us lethal damage out of nowhere. Don’t underestimate the power of this card.

Wrapping it all up

Anyways, this concludes my Legends of Runeterra guide on how to play Discard Aggro. I hope this guide helped you learn the essentials of the deck. As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!

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