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Elise Kalista Fearsome Aggro | Legends of Runeterra Deck Guide

Riot released Legends of Runeterra’s patch 1.2 in mid-May, directly nerfing several key cards of the infamous aggro burn deck archetype. Cards like Legion Rearguard and Boomcrew Rookie had their health reduced to allow opponents to get rid of them a bit easier. However, since then several new iterations of the deck have popped up, trying to compensate for the missing power following the changes. There are people who introduced Teemo into the deck, while others decided to go another route. This is how the Legends of Runeterra Elise Kalista Fearsome aggro deck was born.

The deck takes hitting your opponent directly in the face to the next level. For those of you unfamiliar with the keyword, Fearsome units can’t be blocked by any follower or champion below 3 power. This means your early game goes relatively uncontested, with your enemy’s board left helpless as they can’t even put any units to block your attacks. Their only method of survival is through removal cards, which aren’t available to all Legends of Runeterra regions.

legends of runeterra teemo aggro

What is the Elise and Kalista deck all about in Legends of Runeterra?

We talked about League of Legends‘ arachnid matriarch Elise previously in our Legends of Runeterra Elise Swain deck guide. This time around we put her alongside the Spear of Vengeance, Kalista. She summons the strongest dead allied follower to take damage for her, once Kalista has seen three or more ally units killed while she is on the board.

This duo of champions from the Shadow Isles region will carry you to victory and the top of the Legends of Runeterra ranked ladder. The Legends of Runeterra Elise Kalista Fearsome aggro deck revolves around dropping high-attack Fearsome units during the early game and continuously hitting the opponent’s nexus until it explodes. On the way, you can easily upgrade either Elise or Kalista, as they are an integral part of the deck.

Their low mana requirements allow you to ramp up in power and reach your strongest form of this deck as early as turn 5. Your perfect board consists of an upgraded Elise and Kalista with a bunch of spiders to challenge the units with three power or above to allow the rest of your fearsome units to hit the opponent freely.

Key cards

Although at a first glance, Arachnoid Horror doesn’t have anything that makes it special, it is one of the key pieces of this deck. Its face value of 3-power and 2-health, paired alongside the fearsome tag is all it needs to feature in our deck.

There are very few 2-mana drops that can compete with Arachnoid Horror, except for Crimson Disciple perhaps. These cards enable you a free nexus hit if your opponent has a 2-power or less unit on board. Our goal is to hit the opponent’s nexus at every chance we get, and chunking off 3 health off it in one shot is a big step towards the eventual victory.

There are two cards outside of the featured champions that are considered the MVPs of our Legends of Runeterra Elise Kalista fearsome aggro deck, and Frenzied Skitterer is one of them. The card gives you the flexibility to use it as an attack-oriented or defensive unit. Frenzied Skitterer’s summoning ability of decreasing all enemy allies’ attack by 1 allows you to slow them down and force unfavorable trades.

On the other hand, during attack rounds, its 1-attack buff to all your spiders’ attack is immense if you have an upgraded Elise with two or three spiders on board. This allows you to freely hit the opponent’s nexus with a 5-attack Elise, taking away a quarter of their health in just one attack.

For a turn 4 drop, it doesn’t get any better than Wraithcaller. It already has incredibly solid stats with 4-attack and 3-health. Not only that, but it brings with it a 2-2 Mistwraith. The Legends of Runeterra Elise Kalista Fearsome aggro deck already runs three copies of Mistwraith, which means the more you summon from it, the more attack buffs you will get.

Similar to Frenzied Skitterer, this card gives you the freedom to pull it out on turn 4 regardless of whether you are attacking or defending. The additional Mistwraith unit can easily be sacrificed to block a strong attacking unit from the opponent’s side, while permanently buffing all similar cards you have on board. And if you are attacking, it allows you to overwhelm your enemy with multiple cards coming their way. We can’t forget that all Mistwraiths feature the Fearsome key trait, limiting your opposition’s blocking options to only 3-attack units and above.

Good Elise / Kalista match-ups

Any Aggro/Burn matchups, Deep, Freljord elusives, and Karma/Ezrael decks are all heavily favored match-ups. The reason why our Legends of Runeterra Elise Kalista Fearsome aggro deck performs well against almost any iteration of Aggro/Burn, is because we outvalue them at every turn, and we have cheap spiders to prevent them from hitting our nexus.

As for the famous Deep deck, this deck literally runs them over with ease. The units featured in their deck prior to summoning an upgraded Nautilus can’t block your Fearsome cardsm as most lists only run one early game unit with 3-attack, the Deadbloom Wanderer. Although he might hinder your progress a bit with his lifesteal, you still have enough firepower and units to make it hurt once you get to attack. Always keep in mind that any unit below 3-attack can’t block your units, so don’t sacrifice high damage units to block theirs during your defensive rounds.

The popular Heimer/Vi deck is a bit trickier than others, as you need to mulligan and draw your cards in perfect order to keep up with their tempo. Furthermore, you suffer heavily once they start dropping their power cards and overwhelming you with heavy attacks and Elusives. That’s why you need to take them out as fast as you can.

Bad Elise / Kalista match-ups

Ashe/Sejuani, Bilgewater Twisted Fate combos, MF/Sejuani, and Demacia Bannermen are all incredibly difficult match-ups to win. All of them either feature cheap removal cards, or enough units to block your early game to reach their own tempo swing. In the case of Ashe/Sejuani, it is difficult to hit their nexus as they have a number of ways to keep you locked down with zero power, and even a number of low-mana 3-attack units. One of those cards is Icevale Archer, who freezes one of your units once summoned as well.

Demacia Bannermen outvalue our Legends of Runeterra Elise Kalista Fearsome aggro deck with their mid-game board, as they manage to flood it with strong durable units. Not only that, challenger units and Single Combat are essential cards in making it almost impossible to scrape a win against them.


The Legends of Runeterra Elise Kalista Fearsome aggro deck costs 23 600 shards. It isn’t the strongest out there, but it does offer you a fun and champion-oriented variant of the aggro archetype. If you are the type of player who likes to ignore what their opponent plays and just go straight for their nexus, this is definitely the deck for you. However, you have to keep into consideration in high elo, this isn’t considered an optimal deck to steadily climb with, as some of its bad match-ups are featured heavily on the ladder currently.

Make sure to leave us a comment on what decks you would like to see next, and stick around with SQUAD for more Legends of Runeterra content!

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