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How to play Endure Spiders | Legends of Runeterra Deck Guide

Welcome back to another Legends of Runeterra guide! The Legends of Runeterra Endure Spiders deck is performing really well in the current meta, and today I’ll teach you how to play it.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the importance of each card in Endure Spiders, and cover some match-up tips.

They Who Endure and Atrocity 

The goal of the Legends of Runeterra Endure Spiders deck is to make favorable trades until we can safely slam down They Who Endure. They Who Endure is a 7-mana 1/1 Overwhelm unit that gets a +1/+1 stat bonus for each ally that has died this game.

At first, that might not seem like a crazy ability, but in our deck we have several units that are there specifically to die in the name of They Who Endure. Our deck can consistently slam down They Who Endure as a 10/10, 12/12, or even a 20/20 unit if the game goes long enough. Plus, since They Who Endure has the keyword Overwhelm, this card can win us the game in just 1 or 2 attacks. 

But if that wasn’t enough, our deck also includes 2 copies of Atrocity in case things go wrong. Atrocity is a 6 mana spell which kills an ally to deal its power as damage to anything. This means that even if our opponent tries to Vengeance or Detain our They Who Endure, we can respond by casting Atrocity, damaging our opponent’s health for however much power They Who Endure was at. 

Our units

Since we want to be killing off our units to build up They Who Endure, we should probably include units that provide us value when they die. 

  • Hapless Aristocrat creates a Spiderling when it dies. This gives They Who Endure another unit to die for a boost.
  • Warden’s Prey gives us a random Last Breath follower that costs 3 or less.
  • Avorason Sentry replaces itself with a card when it dies, and can trade with most early units.
  • Next up, let’s talk about Elise and Kalista. These two champions do 1 important thing for us: they both create extra units that will help make They Who Endure bigger. Elise constantly summons spiders on to the board when she attacks, and once Kallista levels up, she revives the strongest ally that has died during the game. Also, since Kalista brings back the strongest ally, she’s able to bring back They Who Endure, just in case it died somehow. 
  • Blighted Caretaker kills and ally to make 2 Saplings. Saplings help us kill our opponent’s units and build up They Who Endure. Also, Blighted Caretaker can instantly level up Kalista, since Blighted Caretaker kills 1 ally and creates 2 Saplings that will eventually die by the end of the turn because of Ephemeral. 
  • Wraithcaller is just a nice beater that gives us an extra unit. Allegiance requires us to have a Shadow Isles card on the top of our deck, but since 35/40 cards in our deck are Shadow Isles cards, we’ll have no problem meeting that requirement.  
  • Neverglade Collector acts as another win condition in our deck. With Neverglade Collector on the board, we’re able to slowly whittle our opponent down while staying alive ourselves. Even if Neverglade Collector doesn’t kill our opponent, he at least buys us enough time to find our They Who Endure/Atrocity combo. 
  • Rhasa the Sunderer is just a nice top-end card that kills our opponent’s two weakest units. 

Spells and removal

Overall, we have high-value creatures that can trade well into the enemy board. However, we also have spells that help us adapt to a variety of match-ups. Let’s quickly go over the spells in our deck.

  • Glimpse Beyond kills our unit to draw two cards. This card is great for finding our finishers, triggering Neverglade Collector, fulfilling Kalista’s level up requirements, and much more. 
  • Vile Feast picks off our opponent’s 1 health units and gives us a Spidering to chump block with. Remember that this card can also kill one of our units to trigger Neverglade Collector. 
  • Withering Wail is a great board clear against aggro decks and helps us stay alive.
  • Brood Awakening instantly gives us a board of chump blockers/attackers, depending on the match-up.
  • Vengeance is an efficient removal spell that quickly kills off whatever threat we need dead. 
ENDURE SPIDERS GUIDE | Legends of Runeterra


Overall, Endure Spiders is a great deck that has a fair shot at winning against any deck in the format. To be successful with the Legends of Runeterra Endure Spiders deck, you also need to know your match-ups. Here are some tips.

  • Against Aggro: We have a lot of life gain effects and board presence to stop the pressure. Vile Feast and Withering are great cards that help us stabilize. 
  • Against Midrange: Midrange decks don’t have a lot of tools to deal with our They Who Endure and Atrocity combo. We can just keep chump blocking their units and drawing cards until we get our combo. 
  • Against Control: Most control decks should have some way to deal with our combo. Try to play more aggressively in these match-ups. Mulligan for early drops and champions. 

This wraps up our deck guide for the Legends of Runeterra Endure Spiders deck! Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

Stay tuned to SQUAD for more Legends of Runeterra content and guides.

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