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How to play Nautilus Sea Monsters | Legends of Runeterra Deck Guide

Let's dive deep into what makes this Nautilus deck so good

Welcome back to another Legends of Runeterra guide! Today, we’ll be looking at a deck that will drown our opponents in fear: Nautilus Sea Monsters.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the importance of each card in Nautilus Sea Monsters. We’ll also cover some match-up tips. 

Champions and payoffs

To start, let’s talk about the champion that helped spark this deck in the first place, Nautilus. Nautilus is amazing because once he levels up, he has everything we want in a win-condition.

First, he copies every single Tossed ally that costs 4 or more back into our deck. This is great because it guarantees that we’ll have threats to draw into. Just remember that we’re Deep once our deck has had 15 or fewer cards left. This means that once we’re Deep, we won’t lose Deep by adding cards back into the deck. 

Secondly, Nautilus reduces the cost of every Sea Monster in our deck by 4 mana. This effect allows us to play multiple game-winning threats in one turn. And finally, if that wasn’t enough, Nautilus can win the game on his own since he becomes 13/13 with Tough and Fearsome.

Overall, Nautilus is a great payoff for going Deep. The only real downside of Nautilus right now is that he’s not very good against Will of Ionia. Otherwise, if he’s able to stay on the board, it’s pretty much over for our opponent.

Next up, we have Maokai. In this deck, Maokai acts as an alternative win condition by milling out our opponent once he levels up. He leaves our opponent with 4-non champion cards in their deck, so unless our opponent was extremely ahead, Maokai is really good at pushing our opponent out of the game. Plus, it’s nice to have a Sapling every round to help get rid of pesky blockers. 

Finally, the last champion in our deck is Thresh. Thresh was a recent addition to Nautilus Sea Monsters and does two things for the deck. First, he gives us a way to eliminate 3-health champions such as Ezreal, Heimerdinger, and Karma. Secondly, once he levels up, he helps us find our other champions. Although getting Maokai is great, we usually want to have Thresh grab Nautilus, since instantly bringing out an attacking 13/13 Fearsome Nautilus can win the game outright. 

Our champions are great payoffs and are all able to take over the game by themselves. However, our deck also includes several Sea Monsters that help us gain board presence during the midgame and can become threats themselves during the late game. Let’s quickly go over each Sea Monster.

  • Jaull Hunters isn’t a Sea Monster, but guarantees that we get one. This card is in our deck because it is great at eliminating our opponent’s early threats and gives us a Sea Monster to play later on in the game. 
  • Abyssal Eye draws us a card every single time it attacks our enemy’s nexus. This effect is great because it helps us draw into our threats while and gets us closer to Deep. Furthermore, this card becomes a 6/6 Elusive creature once we’re Deep, which can be incredibly hard for some decks to deal with.
  • Devourer of the Depths is one of the craziest payoffs in our deck. This card isn’t just a big beater, but a removal spell as well. The only downside to Devourer of the Deep is that our opponent can respond and negate its play effect by damaging Devourer’s health. A good rule of thumb is to always evaluate what our opponent might have before playing Devourer of the Depths. Also, keep in mind that Obliterate negates Last Breath effects and gets past Unyielding Spirit.
  • Terror of the Tides makes combat incredibly hard for our opponent. It gives all of our Sea Monsters Fearsome while reducing our opponent’s units by -2/-0. This makes it impossible for our opponent to trade into our creatures efficiently. 

Toss cards

To consistently get Deep, we need several Toss cards. Let’s go over the creatures that help us Toss cards from our deck. 

  • Dreg Dredgers is our best turn 1 play and gets us 3 cards closer to Deep. 
  • Thorny Toad gets us 2 cards closer to Deep and gains us 2 life when it dies. Thorny Toad is great against aggro decks. We want to aggressively mulligan for him in those matchups if he isn’t in our opening hand.
  • Deadbloom Wanderer is a 3/2 Lifesteal unit that Tosses 3 cards when you play it. This card is able to block Fearsome units and helps us stay alive during the early game.

We also have 2 Burst Spells that are really good at getting us Deep. 

  • Jettison is a very efficient card in our deck as it Tosses 4 cards for only 1 mana. In certain scenarios, it might be more useful to keep Jettison in hand as a way to suddenly achieve Deep. Using Jettison this way can bait our opponent’s into a bad attack or block. 
  • Salvage just gives us a way to draw into more threats and helps us get 4 cards closer to Deep.   

Spells and removal

And finally, to round off our deck, we have a few more spells to help us control the board while we’re trying to get Deep. 

  • Vile Feast kills 1-health creatures and provides us with a 1/1 chump blocker. It’s also great at dealing with barriers.
  • Grasp of The Undying snipes a lot of crucial 3-health champions and keeps us alive. 
  • Withering Wail is a great board wipe against aggro strategies.
  • Atrocity allows us to deal direct damage to our opponent outside of combat and just adds an extra win condition to the deck. It’s also a great response to removal spells.  
  • And finally, Mist Call just adds a lot of flexibility to the deck and is useful during all stages of the game. 

Summary and tips 

Nautilus Sea Monsters is a deck that wants to Toss a bunch of cards early in order to get Deep as quickly as possible. Once we’re Deep, the deck pretty much runs on autopilot, and all we have to do is slam our big beefy threats.

To be successful with Nautilus Sea Monsters, you need to know your match-ups. Here are some tips.

  • Against Aggro: Nautilus Sea Monsters is usually favorable against Aggro decks. The deck has a lot of ways to deal with pressure, so we want to mulligan for cards like Deadbloom Wanderer and Whispering Wail. 
  • Against Midrange: Against Midrange decks, it just depends on who can build a better board first. In these matchups, Devourer of the Depths is going to do a lot of work since it gets past barrier effects and can 2 for 1 our opponent most of the time. 
  • Against Control: Unfortunately, Nautilus Sea Monsters struggles a little bit against Will of Ionia. With that said, the deck still has a solid chance as long as we can achieve Deep faster than they get their value engine online. 

That about wraps up my guide for Nautilus Sea Monsters in Legends of Runeterra. Initially, I had doubts about the success of the deck this patch because I wasn’t quite sure how the deck was going to perform without Burn Aggro being as popular anymore. But, given time, the deck ended up performing even better than it did before!  So if you’re looking for a fun deck to climb the ladder with this season, Nautilus Sea Monsters might be a great choice for you.  

As always, stay tuned to SQUAD for more Legends of Runeterra content and guides.

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