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How to play Quinn Scouts | Legends of Runterra Guide

Scouts had a hard time winning games in previous Legends of Runeterra metas. Now it’s one of the best decks in the game. Today, I’ll be doing a deep-dive into how to play Quinn Scouts in Legends of Runeterra.

How to play Quinn Scouts


The goal of Quinn Scouts is to quickly beat your opponent down through by utilizing units with the keyword Scout. Scout allows you to attack twice in one turn, as long as your first attack only had Scout units.

Attacking twice in one turn has two main benefits. First, it just outputs more damage. Secondly, and more importantly, Scout cuts the amount of time it takes to level up Quinn and Miss Fortune in half. From 4 turns to 2 turns, to be exact.

how to play quinn. scouts

Although we have other strong finishers in this deck, Quinn and Miss Fortune are our main win conditions. Once they level up, their strong offensive capabilities will almost always lead us to victory.

This deck is great for people who are looking to play an aggressive midrange deck.

Why you should play this deck

  • One of the best midrange decks right now.
  • Quinn and Miss Fortune synergize with each other.
  • Easy to pick up, but offers a good amount of strategic decision-making.

The Deck

Quinn + Miss Fortune

I’m grouping these two cards because they are both finishers in our deck.

  • Miss Fortune is the more aggressive champion, offering us a few extra points of damage to our opponent’s Nexus and units. Against control decks, I highly recommend keeping Miss Fortune in your hand. Her damage can easily take over the game before your opponent can stabilize. Just remember to play around cards like Grasp of the Undying and Gotcha!
  • Quinn is great at building your board. Valor is deceptively annoying, and being able to summon one every time you attack is amazing.

Cithria of Cloudfield, Fleetfeather Tracker

Although it’s not crucial, it’s always good to have a turn 1 unit. An early unit allows us to start whittling our opponent down while building up a board for Vanguard Bannerman.

Brightsteel Protector

I know many Legends of Runeterra players want to maximize Brightsteel Protector’s barrier value, even if it means keeping him in hand for several turns. However, playing like that is completely wrong. I promise it’s more than okay to play Brightsteel Protector as a 3/2 vanilla unit. Playing on curve is crucial in this deck. Keeping him in hand for too long can create awkward mana scenarios.

War Chefs

War Chefs is our best 2-drop. It does a great job of staying alive against most 1-2 mana units, and buffs all of our units to a relevant statline. For example, turning Fleetfeather Tracker into a 3/2 allows us to trade positive into our opponent’s 1-damage units.

Petty Officer

I recently took out Loyal Badgerbear for Petty Officer, and I’m glad I did. Petty Officer just offers so much more flexibility. Most of the time, you want to use Petty Officer to gain an extra unit. However, a Powder Keg can be a viable choice if you have a Miss Fortune on board.

Grizzled Ranger

Despite the nerfs to Grizzled Ranger patches ago, it still packs a punch. This card is incredibly annoying to defend against, and will almost always be able to deal at least 6 damage to our opponent. Combine Grizzled Ranger with Brightsteel Protector and our opponent will be severely behind on board.

Of course, your opponent can easily chump block Grizzles Ranger if they have a 1/1 on board. However, never be afraid of losing Grizzled Ranger. You want to be getting rid of blockers with Grizzled Ranger anyways, to make room for your 3/4 Loyal Badgerbear.

Vanguard Bannerman

Vanguard Bannerman is an auto-include in any Demacia-based midrange deck. The ability to permanently beef up our whole board is insane. Plus, with only two non-Demacia cards in our deck, we’ll be hitting Allegiance almost all the time.

Greathorn Companion

I included 2 copies of Greathorn Companion because this moose is just an amazing beater. A 5-mana 5/5 that can attack twice in one turn is a very efficient statline. Combined with our combat spells, this unit can effectively attack through any defense. I’m looking at you, Braum.

Genevieve Elmheart

You may be wondering, why didn’t I include Cithria the Bold into this list? Well, it’s because Genevieve Elmheart synergizes with the goals of our deck better while also providing a similar effect to Cithria. Genevieve having Scout and Challenger is just flat out scary. Those keywords combined with her statline can easily take down two of our opponent’s best units. She’s amazing at destroying our opponent’s defenses and helps our other units to freely attack the nexus.

Some people could argue that it may be good to include both Cithria and Genevieve, but I’m not a big fan of having that many 6-drops in a deck.

Single Combat

Always try saving Single Combat as a response to your opponent’s spells. For example, if they use Grasp of the Undying on Miss Fortune, respond with Single Combat. Not only do you get to take down your opponent’s unit, but also prevent them from gaining 3 life. Win-win.

Relentless Pursuit

Regardless of the nerf, Relent Pursuit is still great. This is especially true when we cast Relentless Pursuit on our opponent’s turn. Why? Because Scout isn’t restricted to just our turn. As long as we have Scout units on board, if we cast Relentless Pursuit on our opponent’s turn, we can effectively attack them twice and win games out of nowhere.

Riposte + Back to Back

These are the two best combat spells for this Legends of Runeterra scout deck. Riposte helps keep our champions safe, while Back to Back is great because it gives our units the power they need to push through for lethal. Not to mention that both spells are Burst speed. Nasty.

Wrapping it all up

Anyways, this concludes my Legends of Runeterra guide on how to play Quinn Scouts. I hope this guide helped you learn the essentials of the deck. As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!

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