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How to Play Swain Sejuani | Legends of Runeterra Deck Guide

In this article I present a complete deck guide for two of  the most popular Legends of Runeterra champions in the current meta, Swain and Sejuani. We will go into a general description of the deck’s archetype, its playstyle, what cards to mulligan, and the deck’s match-ups.

What are Sejuani and Swain all about in Legends of Runeterra?

The deck offers you enough cards to make sure you have a very strong mid-game to withstand any pressure through Freljord buffs and Noxus clears. Once you manage to reach the late game, you have enough to keep the opponent under tight control. Sejuani and Swain’s respective passive abilities in Legends of Runeterra keep your opponent’s attack options limited. Any hit to the opponent’s Nexus with a leveled-up Swain or Sejuani, and you have the ability to stun their strongest unit or completely freeze their board, depending on who you have on board.

What you are trying to do when playing a Swain / Sejuani Legends of Runeterra deck, is have strong openers and maintain your board mid-game through various buffs and opponent-clear cards. Finally, you get to finish it all up with extremely strong late-game cards. Your main objective is to work towards leveling up Sejuani and/or Swain before playing them out of your hand. Sejuani levels up when you hit the opponent’s Nexus five times. On the other hand, Swain levels up when you have done a total of 12 non-combat damage to the opponent’s Nexus or followers.

As you can see, their requirements overlap somewhat, and you will often find yourself working towards upgrading both of them at the same time. This is the beauty of this deck, as everything goes on behind the scenes, and once the curtain is pulled up, you have two extremely strong champions to guide you to victory.

Key Cards

Omen Hawk

One of the strongest opening cards and part of the reason Freljord is even considered a relevant region. The card allows you to buff the next two ally draws by +1/+1. This allows you to withstand more pressure mid-game, which in turn enables your late-game threats. Not only that, but it works extremely well to deny early attacks from plunder and aggro decks to buy some time.

Crimson Disciple

You probably run into this card a lot, and it deserves its inclusion in any deck with Noxus featured in it. It has a lot of synergy with numerous cards in our Swain / Sejuani Legends of Runeterra deck. It also enables both Swain and Sejuani’s leveling up requirements whenever her ability procs. It often discourages the opponent from attacking if they don’t have a 3-attack follower to take it out immediately.

If you draw Crimson Disciple as one of the two buffed minions from Omen Hawk, it guarantees you will activate its ability at least once. Playing Ember Maiden on Turn 3 also allows you to get at least one hit out of it.This is more than enough value out of a 2-mana card. A number of the spells featured in the deck allow you to maximize this card’s potential, but we will leave that to the Spells package section later on.

Kindly Tavernkeeper

After getting a +1 buff to its attack, the Kindly Tavernkeeper can deal a bit more damage to opponents. However, this is not the reason why he is here. His Play ability allows you to heal an ally or the Nexus by 3. This card can be classified as a “situational” key card, as it can completely shift the momentum in your favor in certain match-ups.

The reason behind its inclusion in a Swain / Sejuani deck is purely to counter any aggro decks you might face in any rank. The opportunity to heal your Nexus for 3 really delays their lethal, and leaves them out of options. You want to mulligan for it whenever you are up against an aggro match=up.


People have no idea how influential an extra mana gem can be. It enables you to play several of your power cards, in addition to playing Sejuani from your hand technically on turn 5.

On turn 4, you need to either open attack or save three mana from the turn prior to find a way to damage the opponent’s Nexus. Once you do, Wolfrider is always the right play. Don’t even worry about excessively protecting him. If your opponent takes him off the board directly after play,  it is fine. His primary function is to grant you the extra mana gem. This enables you to outscale your opponent and play cards like Swain, Sejuani, and The Leviathan faster.

The Leviathan

Not only does it let you draw Swain right out of the deck, it enables you to move towards leveling up both Swain and Sejuani through its Round Start passive, automatically doing three damage to the enemy Nexus every time. It is one of the most important cards in the deck and can single-handedly win you games.

Good Swain / Sejuani match-ups

It is hard to believe that every match-up is a good matchup for a Swain / Sejuani deck, but it truly is. The deck allows you to withstand Demacia Bannermen’s midgame as they flood their board with minions. Towards the endgame, you gain full control over the game with Swain and Sejuani’s leveled up passive abilities.

Other decks, including Yasuo / Katarina, Sejuani / Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate / Gangplank, and Heim / Vi are relatively easy to get through once you understand how to bypass their respective power cards and save up your removal accordingly. When the deck’s combo goes online, it is incredibly hard to stop.

Tricky match-ups include the likes of Hecarim / Kalista and Shen / Fiora. Going against them, you will have to play your cards exceptionally well to win. These two decks will give you a lot of trouble, but you should eventually get the win with the right order of cards, assuming you have managed to protect your key units.

Bad Swain / Sejuani match-ups

Unfortunately, what I am going to say next might put people off the deck: you can barely scrape wins against Nautilus / Maokai and Aggro decks. The latter’s fast-paced gameplay, direct Nexus damage spells, and follower units doing passive damage, all contribute to why they are such a bad match-up. We briefly spoke before on how Kindly Tavernkeeper is a game-changer for this Legends of Runeterra match-up specifically, as drawing him will often get you the victory as it stalls out the opponent’s lethal.

As for Nautilus / Maokai – also known as Deep deck – it is the pure outvalue past turn 7 that beats Swain / Sejuani. Once Nautilus goes on the board and you don’t have your control combo of direct Nexus damage and Sejuani or Swain to stop their attacks, it is extremely difficult to hold them back.


The deck will set you back 27,300 shards. However, it is fully worth it. A number of the cards available in this deck list were present before Legends of Runeterra’s official launch. Therefore, most players will find themselves probably missing a couple of key cards, alongside Sejuani and Swain. If you are looking for an all-around solid deck to play with and steadily climb on the ranked Legends of Runeterra ladder, this should be your go-to.

My personal iteration of Swain/Sejuani managed to aid me through my climb from Silver to Diamond in about a month. After spending countless hours learning its ins-and-outs, you get to understand the tempo and flow of cards in the Sejuani / Swain Legends of Runeterra deck.

Make sure to leave us a comment on what decks you would like to see next, and switch around with SQUAD for more Legends of Runeterra content!

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