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Sejuani and Teemo | Legends of Runeterra Deck Guide

In mid-May, Riot decided to address the aggro-plagued Legends of Runeterra meta with patch 1.2. Legion Rearguard, Boomcrew Rookie, and their companions received significant nerfs. The deck now needed someone to strengthen its lineup, and continue the chip damage the aggro burn deck archetype is known for. And who else better for the job than than The Swift Scout and one of the most annoying League of Legends champions to play against, Teemo, with some help from the Warmother herself, Sejuani, in their own custom deck.

The latter was paired up with Ashe and Swain previously in our Legends of Runeterra guides, and there is a good reason why we love her so much. Now, it is time for our Legends of Runeterra Teemo Sejuani deck guide.

legends of runeterra teemo sejuani

What is Teemo all about in Legends of Runeterra?

The Legends of Runeterra Teemo Sejuani deck puts two very synergistic champions together, as the chip damage Teemo helps upgrade Sejuani while she is still in your deck or in your hand. Other than that, if one of his mushrooms hits the nexus, The Fury of the North triggers her passive and Frostbites the entire enemy board. This leaves them helpless and with no options to attack at all.

Key cards

legends of runeterra teemo sejuani

Clump of Whumps

Outside of playing Teemo on turn 1 and directly hitting the opponent’s nexus to plant your very first 5 mushrooms in their deck, Clump of Whumps gives you the first opportunity to do so. The card is a cheap 2-mana with solid base stats at 2-attack and 2-health. Not only that, it offers you a 1-mana mushroom spell to kick off your journey towards poisoning your enemy’s deck to victory.

legends of runeterra teemo sejuani

Puffcap Peddler

There is no doubt this is the strongest card in the entire deck, and you want to keep Puffcap Peddler for as long as you can. Play him on turn 3 as there are little direct removals to get him off the board immediately, and he can withstand a bit of damage with his 3-health base stat. This card allows you to continuously add upon the existing mushrooms in your opponent’s deck for simply playing spells. Ideally you’d want to get a few of those 1-mana mushroom spells to amplify their effect and immediately plant 7 mushrooms into the enemy deck from one spell.

As you can see from our deck, we run a lot of burst spells to make sure we get a lot of value out of Puffcap Peddler. A lot of the removal spells are Fast, so they give you an opportunity to respond – always try to save up a few burst spells to shove in a few more mushrooms before he dies.

legends of runeterra teemo sejuani

Chump Whump

The 4-mana Chump Whump gives you two mushroom spells to keep in your hand, and this is everything you need from him. This unit’s value lays in primarily enabling you to plant 10 mushrooms just like that, for playing him and having 2 mana slots to spare.

Good Teemo match-ups

The Legends of Runeterra Teemo Sejuani deck performs well against any deck that gives you time to scale up and fill your enemy’s deck with enough mushrooms to win. Deep and even Heimer / Vi match-ups are winnable, as long as you play your hand right and take advantage of your key cards. Once you manage to fill your enemy’s deck with mushrooms, they will think twice about drawing anything.

Bad Teemo match-ups

Aggro and other fast-paced decks perform well against our Legends of Runeterra Teemo Sejuani deck. The problem is that we depend on having enough time to get Teemo’s mushrooms and Sejuani’s passive online. However, on the opposite side of the board, your enemy will be trying to end the game as fast as possible. There are enough removal cards in this deck that if you mulligan and play your cards right you can survive for a bit, although more often than not you will still struggle to win.


The deck costs 26,500 shards, and since this is already the third time we have featured Sejuani, I think it is pretty obvious she is worth the investment. A number of the cards used in the Legends of Runeterra Teemo Sejuani deck are a bit situational, as they are designed completely to synergize well with Teemo and enable him to level up.

This is an extremely fun deck to play and it keeps your enemy thinking twice before drawing any card from their deck once you have a decent amount of mushrooms in there.

Make sure to leave us a comment on what decks you would like to see next, and stick around with SQUAD for more Legends of Runeterra content!

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