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Is Legends of Runeterra pay to win?

One of the challenges that a lot of people encounter with free-to-play games is that they end up having very strict monetization systems.

That’s especially true in the case of card games. Some people invest hundreds of dollars in Magic: The Gathering decks in order to be able to compete. Although that may not be surprising for veteran plays, it’s an absurd barrier for beginners who want to get into the game.

Not too long ago, Riot released their own free-to-play card game, Legends of Runeterra. The game packs a lot of content and has strong mechanics, but is it pay to win? Let’s find out.

How expensive is Legends of Runeterra? 

One of the things that make Legends of Runeterra a great game is the fact that it offers players as much free content as possible.

This is all thanks to the wildcard system. The wildcard system allows players to purchase the specific cards they want rather than buying booster packs. These wildcards can be awarded in-game through a loot box progression system, or bought with real money. There aren’t any booster packs in the game either, just a currency system called shards, which you can use to craft cards just like you would with wildcards.

legends of runeterra pay to win

While you can always spend real money on decks, that is not mandatory. In just a few days of grinding and finishing quests, you can craft yourself a solid competitive deck. Plus, when you factor in free weekly loot boxes and expedition runs, the grind itself becomes very enjoyable. 

Regardless of how you acquire your cards, the system makes it easy for players to build top-tier decks fast. I can say with confidence that Legends of Runeterra is not pay to win.

If you want an exact idea of how much a full meta deck will cost, it will be roughly 25,000 shards a deck; this equates to roughly $25. This is nothing compared to other popular card games out there! It’s also entirely optional – you can technically not spend any money, and simply grind your way to that meta deck. That’s what makes Legends of Runeterra one of the most cost-effective games that you can find out there.

So yes, if you want to play Legends of Runeterra but you were worried this is pay to win, that’s not the case. There are some paid items in there, true, but they are not essential to competitive play. At the end of the day, this is a very fair-priced card game. 

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