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Top 3 budget Legends of Runeterra decks

If you’re a brand new Legends of Runeterra player, it takes a little bit of time to build up a nice hearty collection, despite the game’s generous reward system. Plus, with the starter decks being less than optimal, you’re going to need a budget-friendly deck that can still compete. In today’s guide, I’m going over the best budget Legends of Runeterra decks to play right now.

Best budget Runeterra decks

Fearsome Burn – 14,500 shards


Fearsome Burn is the premier aggro deck of the current metagame. The goal of the deck is to play an early curve of aggressive units, abusing your opponent with the keyword Fearsome.

Fearsome units prevent your opponent from blocking unless they have a 3 power creature, which in the early game, can be impossible for some decks. Stygian Onlooker, Elise, and Arachnoid Horror are just a few units that can really mess with slower decks.

Against match-ups that can eventually stabilize the board by having bigger units, the “burn” aspect of this deck helps carry us to victory. For example, Noxian Fervor and Decimate do an amazing job at finishing off our opponent’s life total. On the other hand, cards like Doombeast and Unspeakable Horror help us win against other aggressive decks.

Overall, Fearsome Burn is an amazing archetype for beginners. This deck is primarily made up of common cards, and since you already have Elise when starting the game, crafting this deck is very easy.


  • Fearsome Burn is one of the best aggro decks right now.
  • Great for quick, decisive games.
  • Easily overwhelms opponent with a wide board of small units.

Hyper Endure – 15,300 shards


Hyper Endure is the most competitive budget deck on this list. The main goal of this deck is to attack our opponent with a big overwhelming They Who Endure, and use Atrocity as a backup finisher.

In order to consistently get a 20/20 overwhelming They Who Endure, we need to have a lot of our units die. That’s why in the early game, this deck features several units that benefit from each-other dying.

Take Ravenous Butcher and Cursed Keeper, for example. Cursed Keeper wants to be killed so it can summon a 4/3. Ravenous Butcher wants someone to kill so it can enter the battlefield as a 0-mana 3/2. Combining these two cards together can give you a 4/3 and 3/2 unit on turn two, while also helping They Who Endure get bigger.

If you like casting fat units, and are looking for a deck that has an awesome early game while threatening an inevitable late-game win condition, Hyper Endure is a great deck for you. The most expensive part of this deck is Kalista, but you can easily replace Kalista with Elise until you can craft her.


  • Hyper Endure is the best deck to climb the ranked ladder on a budget.
  • This deck has the ability to adjust to any match-up.
  • They Who Endure and Atrocity offer an inevitable win condition.

Championless Dragons – 6,800 shards


Thanks to content creator Saucy Mailman, Legends of Runeterra players now have a way to play Dragons on a budget. Championless Dragons is by far the most fun deck for beginners. It’s also the most budget on this budget deck list, costing only 6800 shards.

The goal of this deck is to attack our opponent with beefy dragons and to invoke out any answers we need. Fused Firebrand and Screeching Dragon are our two best units. They both cost 5 mana and have Fury, which has been an extremely overlooked keyword.

Fury forces your opponent to think twice about blocking. Unless they can confirm the kill, they’re just going to make your dragons stronger. Plus, the deck does an incredible job supporting the dragon fury theme with cards like Single Combat, Guiding Touch, and Dragons Clutch.

Although Championless Dragons isn’t very competitive, it does a great job of teaching fundamental Runeterra skills. You’ll learn how to time your spells correctly, and how to position your units to maximize damage. Beginners who want to practice these skills will benefit greatly from playing this deck.


  • Championless Dragons is the cheapest deck option for beginners.
  • This deck is great at teaching fundamental Legends of Runeterra skills.
  • It’s fun and flavorful!

Wrapping it all up

Anyways, this concludes my Legends of Runeterra guide on the best budget decks in the current meta. As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!

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