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Top 5 Targon decks to play in Legends of Runeterra right now

The Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain expansion has given players an incredible amount of new deck possibilities. Between new keywords like Behold and Invoke, to new champions like Aurelion Sol and Leona, there’s a deck out there for everybody. But, the question is, which deck should you be trying first? In today’s guide, I’ll be showing you the top 5 new Targon decks to try out in Legends of Runeterra.

Top 5 new Targon decks in Legends of Runeterra

#1 – Leona / Yasuo Daybreak Stun


The goal of this deck is to control the board through stuns, and grind our opponent out of the game. The deck features the new Daybreak mechanic, which gives some cards a bonus effect when played first in a turn.

One of the biggest problems with Yasuo decks was that Fae Bladetwirler had no way of getting in direct damage. It was able to rack up a lot of power, but opponents were able to easily chump block the unit until they found an answer.

Zenith Blade solves that issue. This new Targon spell is a great addition to the deck, and gives Fae Bladetwirler overwhelm. Now, Fae Bladetwirler can finally become a threat our opponent has to answer quickly.

However, the best part of this deck is getting to play Yasuo with a region that’s not Noxus. For the longest time, you could only play Yasuo alongside Katarina. Targon completely changed the status quo. The addition of Leona gives Yasuo players another avenue for stun control.

Unfortunately, the deck still feels too “fair” to be a meta deck. It still takes a while to get Yasuo’s stun-lock going, and even when it’s active, it’s rarely game-breaking. Compared to the late game power that Aurelion Sol brings to the table, this deck needs to find a more oppressive way to force the opponent out of the game.

All in all, the deck is extremely fun to play and has the possibility to at least be a Tier 2 deck. If we start seeing a creature-heavy meta, I can see Yasuo Leona potentially becoming a tier 1 deck.

#2 – Targon Elusives


Elusives decks in Legends of Runeterra are only going to get better with Targon. Why? Stronger combat tricks. Blessing of Targon and Pale Cascade are incredibly efficient spells that fit perfectly in the Targon Elusive deck.

Blessing of Targon is the better spell, giving the deck access to a permanent +3/+3 stat bonus at burst speed. It was proven that Fury of the North was a strong card in every deck that included it, and I think Blessing of Targon is a strictly better version of it.

The goal of this deck remains the same. Play cheap elusive creatures, and use your spells to either protect them or to squeeze in more damage. You rarely want to block your opponent’s units unless you have to. Use your life as a resource and spend your time attacking your opponent instead.

Several decks in the format are slow and clunky. Everyone is trying to make Aurelion Sol and the Invoke mechanic meta, however, those decks lack the tools to properly deal with aggro decks. This makes playing Targon Elusive a no-brainer choice right now.

targon decks

#3 – Lulu Shen Support


Whenever a new set drops, I think playing control is a little risky because control decks need to figure out the perfect combination of cards that will allow them to reach their win condition. The process of finding that combination of cards usually takes a few weeks, so I think the safest option right now is to play aggro.

Targon Elusives is a solid option, but what if you want to play with one of the new Targon champions? If this sounds like you, then Lulu Shen Support Aggro is perfect for you.

The goal of this deck is to abuse the power of the new Targon support cards, Lulu and Young Witch. These support cards, combined with a Fleetfeather Tracker or Flower Child, create one of the most aggressive opening hands the game has ever seen. Just imagine having a 6/4 Flower Child on turn 3. Your opponent is going to have a tough time blocking the fox.

After personally playing the deck myself, I believe that it has the potential to be a top tier archetype. There’s currently a debate on whether or not Shen or Zed is the better champion to go along with Lulu. However, I think is agreed amongst players that combining Lulu with Demacia seems like the best choice.

Overall, Lulu Shen is an explosive deck that is great for quick games. Just keep in mind that positioning your units can be tricky with this deck.

If you are looking for a complete guide on building and playing this deck, I got you.

targon decks

#4 – Mistwraith Aggro by NicMakesPlays


You don’t have to include Targon into your deck. The Call of the Mountain expansion brought a lot of support to the other regions as well. Legends of Runeterra Master player NicMakesPlays realized this and brought to light a stronger version of Mistwraith Aggro.

The goal of this deck is to summon as many Mistwraith’s as humanly possible. New Targon cards like Risen Mists and Stalking Shadows make creating Mistwraiths easier than ever.

Risen Mists, in particular, adds so much power to this archetype. The ability to produce a unit at Burst speed is incredibly useful on both offense and defense. Offensively, we can use it to create a Mistwraith and attack our opponent without giving them a chance to respond with their unit. Defensively, we can use it to create surprise blocks once our opponent declares their attack. The possibilities with Risen Mists are endless.

At the moment, this aggro deck is extremely good. However, the question is, how good is this deck going to be? Well, this all depends on how relevant Fearsome is. If everyone ends up playing with Invoke cards, then I think that Mistwraith Aggro is going to perform very well. The Invoke units have very low attack damage, which will allow for free Mistwraith attacks.

If you’re familiar with playing the aggressive Shadow Isles package, then Mistwraith Aggro is a great deck to start racking in some wins.

#5 – Aurelion Sol / Thresh Ramp by MegaM0gwai


This wouldn’t be a true top 5 new Targon decks list if I didn’t include Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol is the big baddie everyone is building around at the moment, and for good reason. The card is just disgusting. It’s big, hard to kill, produces card advantage, and makes cards FREE to cast. If you learned anything from reading my guides, it should be that anything free to cast in card games will always find a way to be broken.

The only issue with Aurelion Sol at the moment is that the decks that include him suffer against aggro. However, player MegaM0gwai has created an Aurelion Sol Thresh build that might solve that issue.

The goal of this deck is to try and cheat Aurelion Sol onto the battlefield through Thresh’s leveled up ability. The deck uses the Shadow Isles sacrifice package to help Thresh level up, while also keeping your life total safe. There are several ways to deal with the aggro matchup in this decklist. Vile Feast, Grasp of the Undying, and Starshaping are just a few examples.

Overall, Aurelion Sol is undoubtedly a strong champion, and a card worth building around. I’m sure there’s a lot of tuning to be made over time, but if you’re looking for a solid deck to get you started, this list should be perfect.

Wrapping it all up

Anyways, this concludes my Legends of Runeterra guide on the top 5 Targon decks to try right now. This list was by no means a meta tier list, as it’s still too early to tell which decks are going to do well and which decks aren’t.

However, I do hope this guide helped inspire you to try out some of the new cards from the set. If there were any Targon decks I missed, make sure to let me know!

Stay tuned to SQUAD for more Legends of Runeterra content and guides!

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