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What exactly is the Legends of Runeterra Gauntlet mode?

During Riot’s reveal of Legends of Runeterra’s upcoming Season of Fortune, the studio showed off multiple new game modes for players to enjoy. The closest one we are getting is the Gauntlet mode, releasing in just a few days from now on June 26, alongside patch 1.4.

Some of you might still not understand what Legends of Runeterra Gauntlet mode is all about yet, so let us clarify what it is and the new experience it brings to the collectible card game.

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Legends of Runeterra Gauntlet mode is described as a “limited-time competitive mode with unique deckbuilding rules. Gauntlets go live every weekend for about four days total, with weekly swaps between formats in the rotation.”

The mode follows a familiar format to the one players are used to with Expeditions, in which you have to win seven games in a row to get the best rewards available. However, instead of adopting the draft mechanic that is currently implemented in the Expeditions mode, players will have to handcraft their own decks to satisfy a set of conditions.

These rules will force the Legends of Runeterra playerbase to think outside of the box, and offer for a number of incredibly unique sets, depending on how creative Riot will get with their requirements.

The first Legends of Runeterra Gauntlet is going live on June 26 and will serve to “test-drive the underlying tech”. A second Gauntlet type will join the rotation on July 3, and will challenge players to build a deck using no more than a single copy of each card. During its initial period, anyone who participates in the Gauntlet mode will receive an icon to show off in their games once they hop in Ranked.

Meanwhile, those who manage to go all the way and complete the challenging seven wins in a row will receive a unique and exclusive “Gauntlet Conqueror” icon. Riot promises the upcoming Gauntlets will give out more innovative and encouraging rewards to push Legends of Runeterra players into trying out the mode.

Let us know what you think of Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra Gauntlet mode and upcoming additions to their card game with the new Season of Fortune!

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