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What exactly is the Legends of Runeterra Labs mode?

Legends of Runeterra’snewly released Season of Fortune already brought with it Gauntlet mode, and now we are getting Legends of Runeterra Labs, a whole new experience led by none other than tiny mastermind and robotic expert, Heimerdinger. The mode is expected to bring with it a “variety, experimentation, and maybe a little chaos.”

The Legends of Runeterra Labs mode is dropping with patch 1.5, scheduled for July 8. This mode seems to be about having fun, and is not exactly as serious as the Gauntlet or Expedition modes, as it offers players the chance to just sit back, relax, and try some crazy concepts.

The first lab experiment, A.R.A.M., “features unexpected champion matchups and unpredictable outcomes.” Depending on which champions you decide to take into battle with you, your deck will be randomly generated based on their archetype and region. The selected champions will start in your hand, and you have to use their respective region’s units to take down your opponent.

To some players this may sound like a relatively tame start for a mode about “experimentation”, but following patch 1.5, Legends of Runeterra’s Labs will continue to receive new ways to play with every update. The developers will continuously change things up and add new rules and stipulations. Riot promise to bend the traditional game’s formula with Heimerdinger’s scientific experiments.

Riot also stated that down the line, when Legends of Runeterra players would have played a couple of Labs, fan-favorite experiments will be repeated. Repeating events and limited time modes that seem to resonate well with players is a common practice in game-as-service titles, after all.

These are all the details we have on Legends of Runeterra’s Labs mode for now, but we will make sure to update this article with any new information leading up to its release.

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