10 Steam games you find by facerolling on your keyboard

Good thing some of these are cheap, it'll let you save up for a new keyboard.

Do you not have enough games in your Steam library?  You’re looking for something new, but don’t know where to start? I got you. Using just one simple step, I got my hands on a stunning selection of games(?), and now you can too!

*Disclaimer: Actions taken in this article could result in serious facial harm. If you care about your face at all, do not recreate these scenarios.*

oOo: Ascension

oOo: Ascension sees you take control of a spaceship, attempting to zig, zag, and zip between and around obstacles to make your way to the end. It’s kind of like if you took Super Hexagon and merged it with Super Stardust. It’s a race against the clock as you work your way through 90 levels – trying not to lose your s**t the whole time.


So, funny story – there’s actually a few of these. For our purposes we’ll stick with rrrr… the original. So you’re a super soldier rabbit in a 2D platformer – shooting enemies and solving puzzles to attain… freedom? That’s what the description says, and all I see are caged animals – of sorts. Yeah let’s go with freedom. It’s fairly simplistic, but if you’re a big fan of weird platformers – this one’s for you!

Steam rrrr

uuu so smislom

This one was perhaps designed to be found by randomly mashing buttons on your keyboard, as I honestly wouldn’t know how to find it otherwise. Imagine Tetris except the blocks don’t fall and the space you’re filling changes every time. OK so maybe it’s not really like Tetris, but bear with me. You’re given three shapes and the task of dragging them into place to fill lines and have them disappear. It’s like Tetris if you were playing both sides really. It’s very simplistic, and could potentially help you work your space management skills – this one’s for you Tarkov players. So I guess uuu so smislom is Tetris for Tarkov players. There.

AaAaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

Another series of games – the AaAaAA!!! Games have you base jumping in first person within a virtual landscape! On your way down you’ll be doing stunts to get the crowd hyped, while also navigating some dangerous terrain. Use the environment to your advantage and discourage your haters along the way! Oh and uh, try to stay away from sensory overload with all the neon and flashy visuals.

MMMmmm… Cake!

Don’t let the title fool you. MMMmmm… Cake! Is actually a hardcore cake-jumping experience. You play as a slice of cake – maybe the last of its kind – trying to escape across a series of levels. Think of it like Getting Over it except instead of a dude in a cauldron, you’re just cake. This sounds more interesting, if I am being honest.

MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate

Switching it up a little bit with MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate – a little whodunit game in a visual novel style. Think Clue but more interactive and in-depth. Use your detective skills to find the killer hiding among the guests at a party in a large mansion. There are multiple endings, and not all of them are reached by implicating the true murderer.


Dark, dingy and dreary – VVVVV makes it seem like you’re playing Spelunky if it was a rogue-like murderous rampage simulator. It’s an action platformer that has you make your way through levels, killing enemies and bosses along the way. It was recommended to me because I play a lot of Terraria so I guess we can almost liken it to that. It’s like a darker, more violent Terraria for Tarkov players.

GGG Collection

The GGG collection is like a series of mini-games, and it’s free! It’s quite… minimalistic, but that’s not a bad thing! There’s a variety of mini games here for you to enjoy – from platformers to sidescrollers to uh, line dodgers? It’s kind of weird I’ll be honest, but you can’t really complain because it’s free. Err, I guess you can actually.

GGG Collection


Do you like Russia? What about 2D girls? Match puzzles? Well that’s pretty weird and oddly specific, but we all have our thing I guess, so I won’t judge. CCCP CALLS! is all three of those – again, really specific – things packed into one! Match and match to get a high score while “cute anime girls” just kind of stand there.


You probably could have guessed by the title, but Zzzz-Zzzz-Zzzz is about dreams. There’s a whole dream environment for the player to explore. Each level is different, with platforming and puzzles to tackle on your way to the end. Or is there even an end?

And that’s it! Thanks for sticking with me through this list of oddly named games. You have to wonder, though – wouldn’t having such a strange title hurt a game’s visibility? The titles themselves are wild, but I’m sure some of these games could grab more attention if players could actually find them the normal way.

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