12 awesome MMO games coming out on PC in 2021

2021 is right around the corner and it is packing a lot of promises. We’ve had a lot of gaming surprises in 2020 and we can only hope 2021 lives up to its expectations. With that in mind, Bárbara and I will be sharing with you guys our personal picks for the 12 best MMO games coming out on PC in 2021.


If you are a fan of World of Warcraft and Diablo, Corepunk might be your next MMORPG crush. Set in a steampunk universe, Corepunk is a top-down MMORPG with fog-of-war. You will have to run around to discover your environment, and slash all life-forms you can find to pieces.

More than a simple multiplayer hack and slash game, Corepunk aims at a deeper RPG experience. Complexity-wise, the game takes its inspiration from WoW Classic with 80-100 hours needed to reach maximum level.

Corepunk also includes housing, a crafting system inspired by Aion, PvP, solo and multi dungeons, as well as legendary items for the bravest heroes.  If Corepunk manages to deliver on its promises, it could be one of the best MMO games of 2021.

The Saga of Lucimia

The Saga of Lucimia is one I’m very eager to play. It’s a game for PvE lovers, as there is no PvP whatsoever in the game.

It focuses on group-based battles in which players work together to achieve tasks impossible to do alone. It’s based on D&D, and it offers players the option to create their own narrative.

The game sets the player in Lucimia, a continent like no other, where they can interact with pretty much everything and choose their preferred path. Much like New World, The saga of Lucimia doesn’t have specific classes, so you’re free to determine what you want your character to be.

Lost Ark

Five years after its initial trailer, Lost Ark is finally coming to North America in 2021. The game is already available in South Korea and Russia, and is yet to be announced elsewhere. Amazon Game Studios recently acquired the rights to develop the North American version of Lost Ark, hinting at an English version coming out soon.

Lost Ark is quite unique. Without a targeting system, the fights demand a lot of skill and coordination. There is plenty to do off the battlefield, too. You can go fishing, collect resources, manage the islands you’ve conquered, or just relax and play a card game in the tavern.

Western players have been waiting for Lost Ark for a long time now. Hopefully, it will not sink fast, like many recent MMORPGs have. 

New World

New World was not supposed to be on this list since the original plans were for it to be released in 2020. However, it has been postponed… by a full year nonetheless, meaning we won’t get to play the game until Spring 2021. 

New World is an Amazon Games Studio MMO that sets the player on an island called Aeternum. It might look like a seemingly ordinary island, but it has been corrupted by an evil energy and is now full of twisted, monstrous animals and settlers who will attack you on sight.

The game takes an approach few MMO games have adopted, as there are no specific classes, meaning you get to level up as you feel best. So it’s like Albion Online in that regard.

Expectations of the game are high, although early reviewers and playtesters have largely expressed being disappointed, saying New World is lacking a lot. Then again, the game is in alpha testing stage, and we’ve still got over 6 months to wait until it’s fully released, so we can only hope Amazon Games Studio work their magic on the game and make it epic. 

Crimson Desert

This one is a tricky addition to our list of MMO games coming out in 2021. Not because Crimson Desert doesn’t look awesome – it does. Crimson Desert looks positively gorgeous. The graphics could justify playing the game if only to wander and wonder.

The various landscapes and medieval settings have a Game of Thrones vibe, which is pretty nice. Gameplay-wise, Crimson Desert seems similar to Ghost of Tsushima. If the two popular GoTs had a baby, it would probably be similar to Crimson Desert. Wouldn’t that make for a wonderful MMORPG?

Unfortunately, Crimson Desert might not be that awesome MMORPG. Initially announced as a MMORPG both during its reveal and on its official website, Crimson Desert seems to have a less massive take on the genre, with its main focus being a single-player campaign. Some multiplayer functions will be available, but nothing on the scale of a traditional MMORPG. Officially, Crimson Desert is still described as an MMORPG, perhaps because MORPG hits the ear wrong.


Always felt like you wanted to work in outer space? Well, now it’s your chance. Starbase is a sci-fi MMO that has a fair share of building and designing spaceships and stations, but players will also get to explore the universe, gather new resources, craft useful items, trade items with others, and even fight.

When traveling through space, minor collisions might occur, meaning it’s your job to fix any damage to the ship, before the entire thing breaks apart.

And of course, because you’ll be playing with other players, you need to watch your back as someone might come and try to steal your precious cargo. EVE Online stans, this one is for you.


Elyon, formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, is a perfect MMORPG for people who enjoy PvP most. Just like Aion, the game features many PvP modes – including realm vs realm battles. Players can also group up to join guild vs guild clashes.

The team behind Elyon has already worked on other MMORPGs, such as Aion, Tera, and ArcheAge. Their stated goals with Elyon are to push the bounds of the traditional MMORPG experience, creating new gameplay, new mechanics, and “next-gen” action.

If you are reading us from South Korea, you can already play Elyon, as the game came out this week. Otherwise, you will need to wait a little more, as Elyon is coming to the West mid-2021.


Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation could be the best MMO games on PC in 2021. On paper, Ashes of Creation takes all the best features of popular MMORPGs and adds its own layer of innovation. 

One of the unique features I like the most about Ashes of Creation is the node system. The world is divided into various areas, called nodes. Each time a player kills a monster or helps a NPC, the area gains experience. Over time, an empty field could become a settlement, a village, or even a major metropolis, depending on the amount of work the players put in the zone. 

Ashes of Creation looks promising, but will it manage to deliver its promises? The project seems ambitious, so here’s hoping it doesn’t buckle under its goals. Intrepid Studios plan on releasing the first public version of Ashes of Creation in 2021.


Not gonna lie to you guys, this might be my favorite one so far, I just hope it lives up to the expectations.

Fractured is a sandbox MMORPG with a unique twist. In this game, your choice of race actually impacts the game mechanics. You get to choose between Humans, Beastmen, and Demons, and each race will determine the type of society you live in and the way your character interacts with others. Naturally, you get to further customize by choosing a profession.

The game doesn’t value grinding at all, so kiss that conventional MMO stuff goodbye. Defeating enemies isn’t about the equipment or player level, but rather your quick perception of the enemy.

Fractured takes the idea of a sandbox seriously. You can start a new settlement with your fellow guildmates and turn it into an empire. Or you can follow a more modest path, gathering resources, trading items, and forging relationships. It’s your choice.

Dual Universe

Fans of sci-fi MMORPGs, this game was made for you. Dual Universe mixes exploration, city building, flying cars, and space warfare. 

The most appealing promise of Dual Universe is that there is only a single server for all players. Everyone shares the same persistent universe, making Dual Universe a kind of a Star Trek MMORPG. 

That said, we can’t say yet if Starfleet will save this one or if the server will crash during rush hours. If Dual Universe manages to deliver on its promises, it could be one of the best sci-fi MMO games ever made and a surprise 2021 hit.

Reign of Guilds

Reign of Guilds is a medieval-style MMO that focuses a lot on guild warfare, which isn’t much of a surprise since it’s right there in the name.

In this game, you’ll get to create a guild (or join one), make wars and alliances and conquer the world! There are castles to conquer, thrones to govern from, and titles to be won.

It’s the perfect game for players who enjoy PvP, though it should also offer plenty of stuff to do for PvE players.


Last on the list is Crowfall. After a very successful crowdfunding campaign and a subsequent round of investor funding, the self-described Throne War MMO seems to be on track to release in 2021. Beta sign-ups are already open.

Crowfall - Welcome to Crowfall!

Crowfall‘s biggest promise so far is the persistent world mechanics, which leave the game’s world permanently changed by the outcomes of major player campaigns.

2021 seems to be a good year for MMO lovers. With several new MMORPGs coming out this year and popular expansions like World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, 2021 will have no shortage of quests to complete.

This article was written with the help of Bárbara Santos.

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