13 Phasmophobia memes that’ll light your smudge stick

Phasmophobia sometimes makes me want to throw my computer off my balcony (away from people), usually after a big scare, or when my teammate wastes all the film in the photo camera. Seriously, there are only five shots and you waste them on stupid selfies? While Phasmophobia can be horrifying and frustrating, sometimes a little levity is needed to break the tension. The Phasmophobia Reddit and Discord channel breathe life into a game that otherwise wants to take it away. We check out the best memes the Phasmophobia community has to offer.

My first ever video meme from PhasmophobiaGame

Sometimes a little encouragement is needed to get the ghost to show its stupid face.

My friends and I have different approaches from PhasmophobiaGame

I’m always the person who dies after donating my entire inventory to this stupid game. Insurance doesn’t cover nearly enough after risking it all for a stupid photo.

A Phasmophobia review that I found on steam from PhasmophobiaGame

My girlfriend “accidentally” asks me questions whenever there’s a hunt. I’m next to positive she reads the guides to find the best ways to kill me without playing the game.

We’ve all been there. from PhasmophobiaGame

“It’s just a video game and ghosts aren’t real.”

I’m telling you guys, it’s a wraith from PhasmophobiaGame

I hope they add an “Instant Hunt” every time my idiot friend starts cussing out the ghost. I hope the ghost kills them and not me.

Pack it up lets go from PhasmophobiaGame

“Hey, come in this room and check it out!” – me trying to bait-and-switch my teammates as sacrifice.

When you know you should have left but just wanted that last piece of evidence… from PhasmophobiaGame

Was the dirty water worth it? It’s $10.

Our ghost was a 14 year old named Kyle. from PhasmophobiaGame

We all had that one friend growing up.

Gotta get those $10 from PhasmophobiaGame

Gotta pay those ghost hunting bills somehow.

Haha gottem from PhasmophobiaGame

* Middle school flashbacks intensify *

The worst thing you can ask a ghost 😅 from PhasmophobiaGame

Oh she dummy thicc.

Twitter is such a great place from PhasmophobiaGame

Monch monch, cronch cronch.

She’s coming from PhasmophobiaGame

If the memes are this good in early access, think about how top tier they’ll get when Phasmophobia fully releases! Keep your eye on the Phasmophobia subreddit and their Discord channel for some more quality memes and content.

And stick around with us for more Phasmophobia content!

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