14 Cyberpunk 2077 major league memes for my chooms

Seven years. Seven painful long years. After all this time, a shaky launch, and one despicably long download later, we’re finally here with Cyberpunk 2077 and not wasting any time ripping the game to shreds. Let’s check out some of the best major league Cyberpunk 2077 memes out there right now.

Me when I’m listening to everyone talk about how glitchy Cyberpunk is. from gaming

Throwing this out there for those who are taking Cyberpunk 2077 for granted. The glitches aren’t bad and it can be worse, way way worse. Hopefully the new Mass Effect looks nothing like this, but knowing them…

New customization options are looking great from gaming

Unsure if that’s Peter Griffin or Gabe Newell. Glad the portrait is only from the shoulders up. I have no business seeing what goes on under there.

Runs surprisingly well on console from gaming

I don’t feel entirely betrayed, just disappointed.

Oh come on… from gaming

I swear I’ll be pissed if he asks to go bowling or that he’s got a job…

Expectation vs what I’m looking 3 hours in. from gaming

Hello, m’lady! Stats or not, you should have no business outfitting your character like this. I will flatline multiple times before I let V romance anyone while wearing a mini fedora.

I just got Cyberpunk 2077, Broken Game… Full of Bugs. from gaming

What’s up Ripperdoc?

The life of a gamer parent from gaming

Probably the equivalent to Johnny Silverhand trying to force you to smoke a cigarette. It’s your choice to make and you lose no matter what.

V – “This is how I sleep” Cyberpunk 2077 from gaming

I’m not an anxious person, but this sequence is downright horrifying. I thought I suffered alone until this meme came out. V doesn’t even take their shoes off. There’s nothing right about this.

Lots of patience to get around enemies from gaming

The Arasaka Corporation had no idea what was coming after they blatantly spotted me failing to sneak around their place.

yes indeed from gaming

“Ur a wizard V.”

“Im a wot!?”

It’s a little awkward during the nightclub scenes from gaming

V sure is packing a tiny gun there.

Stepbrother I’m stuck from gaming

The Easter Eggs in Cyberpunk 2077 are getting out of control.

I think the meds are already kicking in. from gaming

CDPR really out here making us take the blue or red pill in a Keanu Reeves video game. Misty’s also out here looking like she belongs in Beetlejuice.

oh no from gaming

Has anyone taken in her firetruck tattoo on her right collarbone, and tattoo of a shark with a laser beam turret on her left rib cage? I am ready to simp for Judy. Zero cohesion to her tattoos, and 100% chaos.

These are the 14 best Cyberpunk 2077 memes that we’ve seen so far. If CDPR delivers on its massive promises, I’m sure we’re bound to see hundreds more making it to the major leagues. I’m sure Reddit will thrive even if it fails.

Either way, go check out /r/gaming for more major league Cyberpunk 2077 memes. Apparently /r/cyberpunk2077game doesn’t allow humorous posts because they’re super serious…

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