14 ugly gaming sweater ideas for the holidays

Dec. 18 was International Ugly Sweater Day. To celebrate this wonderful day and give you some ideas for your next party, here is a selection of 14 ugly gaming sweaters.

Street Fighter Christmas jumper

Just because you’re wearing a cozy gaming sweater doesn’t mean you’re not a fighter.

Fallout Vault sweater

Bring some happiness to your vault with this Fallout sweater.

Pacman Christmas jumper

This Pacman Christmas jumper tells the sad story of Pac Man’s ghosts. They were looking for a tasty meal and ended up being the prey.

Super Mario knitted sweater

Bring Mario and Luigi to your family holiday dinner with this Super Mario knitted sweater. What more could you want than those two sexy plumbers? We cannot guarantee your fashion sense will be appreciated, but good times are in the cards regardless.

Princess Peach sweater

If you are more of a pink person, here’s a perfect ugly sweater for you. This Princess Peach sweater is so colorful the holiday decorations will look pale next to you.

Playstation jumper

This one might not be the ugliest gaming sweater ever, but you will probably still get some strange looks. This classic festive gray jumper features many references to the PlayStation, like the iconic control buttons.

Spiderman Christmas sweater

Show your love for Spidey wherever you go with this Spiderman Christmas sweater. It’s made from 100% real spider silk!

Call of Duty Monkey Bomb sweater

I am going to borrow this one from my Call of Duty gift ideas. The Monkey Bomb sweater is weird, geeky, and quite ugly: a perfect addition to this list.

Playstation buttons sweater

If you liked the previous Playstation sweater on this list, you will love this one! It’s gray just like the other, but the buttons are falling from the sky like snowflakes. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but oh well, it’s a list of ugly gaming sweaters. 

Sonic ski race sweater

Get in a winter mood with this Sonic Christmas sweater. It features a snowboarding race between Sonic and Knuckles the Echidna, while Tails is about to crash in the snow. 

Another Sonic sweater

If you’re not a fan of Knuckles the Echidna, this Sonic Christmas jumper would be a better fit. It only features the hedgehog with plenty of rings to collect.

Star Wars Boba Fett sweater

This sweater is a must-have for all Star Wars nerds going to ugly sweater parties. Or just a regular Monday, we won’t judge you. It ticks all the right boxes: it is holiday themed, features Boba Fett from Star Wars, and is undoubtedly ugly.

Destiny holiday sweater

Is there ever too much information on a festive jumper? This Destiny sweater sure tries to overload us with information, with many repeating Destiny designs and symbols.

Atari holiday jumper

This sweater might not be as ugly as some others on this list, and it has a cool old-school vibe.

Which one of these 14 ugly gaming sweaters is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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